Sales Brief: So many questions

Sales Brief: So many questions

Every great sales professional I’ve ever met is not only great at asking the right questions, but also takes time to REALLY listen to the prospect’s answers.

And honestly, sometimes asking the right questions is the only thing standing between you and a deal.

If you’re a sales leader, I cannot stress enough the importance of ingraining this practice on to your reps. It’s absolutely crucial.

This week, I shared 21 sales questions you can pass on to your reps (or use yourself!). Take a read, hit reply, and let me know your thoughts!

Go get’em!

21 sales training questions you should be teaching your reps

Want your reps to qualify better, get leads to share their true needs, and close deals faster? It all starts with teaching reps to ask the right qualifying questions.

When your reps ask the right questions, they are empowered to qualify prospects quickly, determine real needs, and set a clear path to a close.


4 clever tips to optimize your sales quotas

To steal a line from Mark Twain, the difference between the right quota and the almost right quota is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.

There's never a good reason to settle with a mediocre quota. Learn the best way to optimize your sales quota and take it from lightning bug to lightning.


Ask why it won’t work, and other lessons this founder relies on

"Why would a customer not want this?" is often a far more interesting question than why they would want it. Oftentimes questioning WHY something won’t work uncovers the element that actually DOES make it work.

In this exclusive interview, founder Rick Song takes time to share what he’s learned on his company building journey so far, diving deep into how he brings the pre-mortem mindset to every aspect of running his business.


How to not suck at your elevator pitch

Have you ever created a great product, ensured it had all the latest integrations, and it  has even won awards, and then you get asked the dreaded question, “so, what does your company do?”

If you launch into your elevator pitch, but the response you get is just a dull stare, you might need some improvement. Here's how to sell your story.


Hiring after COVID-19: Post-pandemic trends to watch

The US economy is finally coming up for air. Most restrictions on businesses and public spaces have been lifted, and many major cities have reopened. Things are returning to normal. But now companies are facing a different challenge: hiring.

Why is hiring in 2021 so competitive? If you're a recruiter, here are important trends you should be aware of while looking to hire post-pandemic.


How to prepare for a client conversation

Generally, salespeople don’t spend enough time preparing for the conversations they have with their clients and prospects, even though conversational effectiveness makes the difference between meeting or missing their goals.

Selling comes with a certain amount of conflict. And adequate preparation can drastically improve your ability to deal with client conversations, especially difficult ones.