Sales Brief: Remote schedule

Sales Brief: Remote schedule

What’s your sales schedule?

Once you find the perfect way to structure your day, you unlock massive sales productivity. But many remote reps are still struggling on that front.

That’s why we share how Close reps schedule their own work days, and how it helps them to always stay on top of their game.

Go get’em,

PS: I’d love to hear about your sales schedule too. What’s working for you, what’s challenging? Let me know on LinkedIn!

The perfect remote sales schedule: How winning reps plan their days

Creating a remote work schedule presents a unique set of challenges. Sales reps who work from home need to juggle family responsibilities, shared workspaces, and the normal distractions that come with being cooped up inside a house.

How do high-performing reps successfully plan their day to work productively from home? In this article, our very own sales reps here at Close share expert tips on how to plan out the perfect remote sales schedule.


Remote sales team? Here’s how to create a winning coaching culture

Over the past year, more companies made the shift to remote than ever before. And while sales teams have made this transition work on an operational level, there's not a lot of focus in an area that's equally important: creating and maintaining a coaching culture.

It’s not enough to give your reps all the tools and systems they need to get the job done and hit quota. You need to design a virtual environment that makes success inevitable. Here's how.


Top 13 call monitoring tools + how they boost your team’s performance

Are sales reps using the right pitch scripts to really provide value to their leads? What parts of your sales or support process are working smoothly, and where can your team make improvements? This is where call monitoring software comes into play.

Call monitoring software allows managers to get a clear look at their team’s performance, and coach them based on real data. In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about the top call monitoring tools for sales teams, support teams, and call centers.


How Stripe built a sales organization to successfully sell to developers

Software developers have become the most important buyers of technology and infrastructure. Yet all too often, developers are treated as an idiosyncratic and difficult audience to engage.

That didn't stop Stripe though. Thanks to an intentional sales strategy, they were able to find massive success connecting and selling to developers. This article outlines the steps they took to make this sales dream possible.


How to Pitch via Email: 5 Tips to Send Better, Faster Emails to Prospects

The math is simple: If you want to close more deals, you need to get in contact with more prospects. But delivering a sales pitch via email comes with its own unique challenges.

How do you know whether the prospect will read your email? How can you get them to respond? If you want to send more emails that get real, valuable responses from prospects, here are 5 tips to deliver your sales pitch effectively via email.


Why the pandemic startup apocalypse never happened

In early 2020, COVID-19 was thought to be an extinction-level event for startups. Yet, in spite of all those enormous and unprecedented challenges, the general startup ecosystem isn’t just surviving — it’s thriving in one of the frothiest markets ever.

So what happened? Here's a theory about why the pandemic has, on the whole, been great for startups and equity markets.