Sales Brief: Remote work tips, micromanaging, North Star Metric, & more

Sales Brief: Remote work tips, micromanaging, North Star Metric, & more

Gear up for this week's best sales articles from around the web. We've got a variety of topics and posts to cover, plus an awesome new write-up from Steli Efti discussing his thoughts on remote work in the startup world.

If you're interested in taking your company remote or find it inevitable due to current events, Steli also discusses the topic with Hiten Shah on The Startup Chat podcast. Check it out here.

In this week's Sales Brief, we're covering blog posts on the topics of micromanaging, sales enablement hiring, Customer Acquisition Costs, and more — lots of great tips, tricks, and strategies in these ones.

Let's jump right in!

Remote work advice from a remote company CEO


Making remote work run flawlessly is not easy. Here at Close, we’ve been a fully remote team for over five years—and in the coming weeks, we’ll start sharing our own best practices to support all those who work remotely. And if you're looking for sales-specific advice, the team at Demodesk put together a Remote Sales Kit for you.

We’re kicking it off with the #1 piece of advice by our CEO, Steli Efti, on how to do remote right. And if you have a question or your own tip to share, let us know in the comments!


When startup funding can destroy your business


WeWork, Outdoor Voices, Lime...all massive companies, all hemorrhaging massive amounts of money.

It's completely normal for a company to lose money in its infancy. Starting a business requires a large initial investment and time to grow a customer base. But at what point is taking the mantra you gotta spend money to make money too far?

This blog post dives into the world of VC and examines the pros and cons of seeking investment for new business ventures.


How to lead a sales team without micromanaging everyone


Do you catch yourself micromanaging? Many managers can fall into it without even realizing — thinking they're simply keeping a "close eye" on the team and driving performance. In reality, they're probably stressing out their employees and hindering work relationships.

Acknowledging you have a micromanaging problem is the first step. Now it's time to fix it! This article explores ways you can provide strong leadership for your team without being overbearing or controlling. By taking this approach, I think you'll be surprised how much it will empower your team to work harder than ever.


The only sales enablement job description template you need to attract killer candidates


A sales enablement manager’s primary role is to provide the sales team with resources to help them sell more efficiently and effectively. Sales enablement is still a relatively new field, and we're still in the early stages of figuring out the specifics.

Who should you hire for a sales enablement role? How should you go about hiring? This post outlines a fantastic job description template that'll attract the best candidates for your sales enablement position. This is one to bookmark!


Customer Acquisition Cost and why it matters

customer-acquisition-illustration copy

The more customers, the better...right? In the startup world, customer acquisition tends to be an important measure of success. But if you consider Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) along with other factors, customer acquisition doesn't always paint an accurate picture.

If you want to get smart about growing your business, you've got to pay attention to a variety of metrics and how they impact your bottom line (CAC, LTV, ROI, Churn, etc). This article will set you on the right path.


7 things every product leader should know about the north star metric


A North Star Metric (NSM) should do three things: measure customer value, represent the current product strategy, and be a leading indicator of revenue.

Amplitude recently held a webinar on NSM, ripe with useful information and strategies for product leaders. This write-up features some key takeaways from this webinar. What should NSM do? What are its limitations? How do you implement NSM? All of this and more is discussed in this superb article.


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