Sales Brief: Big challenge

Sales Brief: Big challenge

I’m a big proponent of solution selling as a sales methodology.

I believe when you focus on building authentic relationships and seek to actually solve a customer’s problems—even if it means recommending a competitor’s product!—everyone wins. But where solution selling has its downsides another sales model shines: Challenger selling.

This week, I put both solution selling and challenger selling in a head-to-head matchup. Which model comes out on top? Check out this article to find out.

If you’ve got hot thoughts on the topic, hit reply. We’d love to hear your take.

Solution selling vs Challenger selling: Which is best for your team?

With so many selling models to choose from, how do you know which one is best for your process, your leads, and your company?

In this article, we dive into two popular sales methodologies: Solution selling and Challenger Selling. Who wins the battle in today’s world of sales? Learn how both of these sales models can be used in various stages of the sales process.


What is a sales trainer job? + 6 steps to find one and get hired

Do you love mentoring junior sales reps? Are you known as the one people should come to when they’re struggling with a difficult prospect? Then maybe you’ve considered becoming a sales trainer.

Learn the role and responsibilities expected from a sales trainer, what types of questions you'll encounter during the interview process, and how to get hired.


Replacing HubSpot with Close: Scaling Trufan in a CRM reps love

Acquiring competitors, a surge of new customers, and unlimited upsell opportunities...three things every budding entrepreneur dreams of. When your startup is in its infancy, you hope every hot sale is the start of a revenue snowball.

But for Trufan, the realities of ‘the boom’ came with some big challenges. Most of those challenges revolve around one thing: scaling as a startup. This is their story.


How to build trust & deepen connections with your buyer while selling virtually

Having great people skills is a decisive advantage for sales professionals. But people skills can be much harder to convey without the benefit of face-to-face interactions.

Trends that had been percolating for more than a decade sped up and crystallized as social distancing and stay-at-home orders uprooted some of the fundamental mechanics of selling.


Experience Asymmetry – Why your young reps struggle selling to more experienced buyers

Experience asymmetry can be a silent killer for young sales reps whether they’re opening opportunities on cold calls or trying to win deals with older, more experienced buyers. If you’re not addressing it – you’re missing out on improving conversion in a big way. Here are three strategies sales leaders can use to combat Experience Asymmetry.


How to get clients to chase you, instead of you always having to sell them on your value

Companies with extensive marketing capabilities spend a good amount of their time in the selling mode of trying to talk clients into buying something they didn’t ask for or seek out — otherwise known as a push strategy.

The best way for small businesses and startups to outmaneuver big established companies and their massive marketing spend, is to develop a pull strategy for acquiring new customers.