Sales Brief: The key to improving customer retention

Sales Brief: The key to improving customer retention

With the economy taking a hard hit, most organizations have been scrambling the past few months to reinvent the way their company operates.

We're learning to sell differently. We've adopted remote work practices basically overnight. We're constantly making strides to keep ourselves from suffering major losses at the hands of the pandemic.

With Sales Brief, we want to keep you up to date with the best sales articles from around the web that'll teach you how to sell effectively during this unrelenting year. This week, we've got some superb articles, with topics including cold emailing, remote selling, churn analysis, and more.

Ready for your weekly brief? Let's jump into it.

Lean startup experiments: Hiring humans instead of building technology

Relying on the right technology can help your team become more efficient, laser-focused, and effective. But not all tech solutions are equal, and sometimes it's incredibly hard to know if the solution will actually provide value, without 100% commitment.

Before investing into building or buying technology, whipping together a hacky test using humans might actually help you make a more informed decision. At Close, we did this using "human dialers" before building our predictive dialer. Learn why using a lean startup experiment was a game changer for us.


Reinvention causes everything to thrive

Reinvention is what causes everything to thrive

This is something Hiten Shah recently tweeted, and in this new Startup Chat episode, Steli and Hiten discuss their thoughts behind the statement.

People or companies might seek to reinvent themselves or change the way they do things, and most of the time, this can be a good thing. However, a lot of the times, people think that for you to reinvent yourself, something has to be destroyed. Is this true?


3 cold email mistakes that ruin sales conversations

Reaching out to leads via cold email can be intimidating at first. Your ego is on the line, after all. Will your message resonate with the people you want to start a sales conversation with, or will you be rejected or ignored?

If you’re selling to a broad range of industries, it can be tempting to aim for the most generic message possible that could appeal to everyone on your list. But it doesn't work. It never does. Here are three cold email mistakes related to generic messages, and what you can do instead to better target your leads.


Powerful strategies to boost your remote sales team’s performance

The events of the earlier months of 2020 have significantly impacted the way companies function. US sales are expected to drop by $321 billion this year.

To stay competitive and ahead of the race, every organization needs to figure out how to keep remote working employees engaged and focused toward their end goal at all times.

With sales teams being forced to work remotely, sales managers have to keep up with the changing times in order to keep the morale high and sales soaring. In this article, CloserIQ shares 5 powerful strategies you can use to boost performance of your remote sales team.


Ultimate sales analytics guide to increase your revenue

Sales analytics is the process of using sales data to generate actionable intelligence to improve your sales performance. It helps in making data-backed and informed business decisions, so that your sales team can grow stronger and your company can increase profitability.

On the surface, sales analytics can seem a bit daunting. But in this article, we break it down. We dive deep into 8 major types of sales analytics, and also include a huge pool of sales analytics examples, templates, and dashboards. Wanna jump into the world of analytics? This is where it's at.


Why churn analysis is the key to improving customer retention

Customer acquisition is damn expensive. That’s why companies are focusing more and more of their efforts on retention to grow their businesses. This is where churn factors in. By running churn analysis, you can identify ways to fix issues that are causing your customers to leave. As a result, you improve customer retention.

But what exactly is churn analysis and how do you do it? This article explains the basics of what it is, how it works, and why churn analysis is the ultimate key to customer retention.


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