Sales Brief: Time wasting prospects

Sales Brief: Time wasting prospects

Every sales rep has a collection of painful stories about tire kickers. Prospects who pretend to have a serious buying intent, drag out the sales process... but never actually make a purchase.

Whether it’s the slow burner, the DOA, the plain old time-waster, or the ignorant buyer: You better spot them early and disengage quickly.

In this week’s post, I share advice on how to stop wasting time on tire kickers and focus on the prospects that matter

Go get’em,

Tire kickers in sales: 10 ways to spot them quickly + 7 methods to avoid them

One of the most important things to do early on in any sales conversation is to figure out how likely a prospect is to actually buy from you.

When you waste time on the phone with someone who has no intention of buying, you’re losing valuable moments that could’ve been spent with real prospects. Who are these time wasters? They're called Tire Kickers. In this article, we'll teach you how to avoid them.


How to use Zoom for sales: 21 Zoom hacks your reps need to know

For sales teams who are still adjusting to working from home, Zoom can be a complex system to learn. While its most basic features are relatively intuitive, there are some secret Zoom hacks for sales reps that you absolutely need to know.

Our fully-remote team has been using Zoom for a long time, and after much trial and error we’ve discovered some of these secret hacks. In this article we divulge our top tips on how to use Zoom for sales.

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Should Your Sales Team Go Forever-Remote?

As the state of the pandemic is improving and more and more people are getting the vaccine, companies face the decision to remain remote or open up their offices again.

Is going forever-remote something that your sales team should consider? Here are factors to help you consider transitioning to a permanent remote sales team.


The Best Sales Call I Ever Had Took Less than 2 Minutes

Every entrepreneur has to learn to sell, and it’s a lot easier than you think. Most people think being great at sales means being great at talking to people, but any good salesperson will tell you that’s not actually true. Being great at sales means being great at listening to people.

Here's how one entrepreneur saved himself hours of work with a 2 minute phone call and some clever sales advice from his mentor.


How to sell at a higher price and still win deals against Your Competitors

It can be difficult to compete against a lower-priced competitor, especially one your prospect thinks is “good enough.” If you can't compete on price, you have to differentiate yourself with something equally important: value.

This article explores tips, tricks, and guidelines on how to effectively pitch value and communicate the longterm benefits of investing in a higher priced solution.


Why did I leave Google or, why did I stay so long?

CEO Noam Bardin shares his experience of building the mega-popular navigation app Waze from the ground up, leading the company through an acquisition by Google, and ultimately parting ways 12 years later.

What did he learn? Even the most successful entrepreneurs can be worn down over time by the beast that is independent startups.