Sales Brief: Toxic metrics

Sales Brief: Toxic metrics

Selling to the wrong customers is a like dying a painful death.

I'm talking like a slow motion death. I learned this the hard way, many years ago (but that’s a story for another time). On the flip side: Sales becomes easy when you nail your target audience. Prospects buy quicker, there's less resistance, and they'll happily pay the price you ask for.

That’s why we’ve launched Profiler: The Ideal Customer Profile Kit. It’ll help you clearly identify the “low friction sales zone”. Stop trying to sell to the wrong people for the wrong reasons, and start closing more deals with less effort.

Ready for your weekly brief? Here are my recommendations for some light reading this weekend. Go get'em!

How to create your ideal customer profile for B2B lead generation

What's an ideal customer profile? And why is it important? In this post, I break down the basics of how to create your own ideal customer profile (ICP).

Even though an ICP is based on a bit of fiction and hypotheticals, you can't just fabricate it out of thin air. You need to systematically identify shared traits and characteristics of real customers who are succeeding with your solution, and use that as a springboard for your ICP. Ready to construct the groundwork for your ICP? This guide will teach you how.


Profiler: Ideal Customer Profile Kit

I recommend reading the ICP guide above as a primer, then diving into this brand new ICP resource.

PROFILER features so much ICP goodness: a checklist for prepping your research, sample customer survey questions based on your industry and sales approach, and downloadable ideal customer profile templates that empower your positioning. Use this kit as a foundation for your ICP in tandem with the guide above, and you'll end up with a kickass ICP!


The 5 most toxic metrics for your sales team performance

In a data-obsessed world, metrics seem to be the only thing that matters for decision making and strategy. Yet most sales managers focus on the wrong metrics thanks to a combination of outdated sales models and cliches.

Are you paying attention to the right metrics? If there's even an inkling of doubt in your mind, check out this article. It outlines 5 metrics that could possibly be hindering your sales teams productivity instead of helping it.


Create an offboarding flow that improves retention

Customer onboarding flows get all the love. Figuring out how to get more users to important milestones, find value, and integrate into their workflow — it's all exciting stuff. But you know what doesn’t get any love? Customer offboarding.

But offboarding is such an important and underrated opportunity. In this post from CXL, they explore ways to design your offboarding flow, providing a positive experience that can actually yield advocates, saved customers, and higher retention.


Own Your Growth virtual summit

Registration is now open for Predictable Revenue's Own Your Growth Virtual Summit! Learn the ins and outs of product strategy, outbound prospecting, sales cycles, follow-up, and so much more. The summit will feature a variety of founders and sales leaders from trailblazing companies like Slack, PandaDoc, and Sales Hacker.

Mark your calendars! It's happening September 17th and registration is free!


How to acquire and cross-promo SAAS apps

In this episode of The Startup Chat, I chat with Hiten Shah about how to acquire and cross-promo saas apps. Acquiring and cross-promo saas apps is a common strategy startups use to grow. But it can get super messy super fast, when not done right.

Catch this podcast as we discuss what cross-promoting is, how companies use it to grow, why it isn’t as simple as people think.