Sales Brief: Next-level 1:1s, triple your sales, drip sequences, & more

Sales Brief: Next-level 1:1s, triple your sales, drip sequences, & more

This week we dive into some of the best sales articles from around the web, featuring an awesome article from Predictable Revenue on question-based selling.

Also in this week's roundup are two super actionable articles for managers: How to engage sales reps in your 1:1s and three crucial disciplines to focus on for building a high-performing sales team.

Ready to jump in? But before we start, we gotta tell you about our new integration released earlier this week...

New this week: Close x Zoom

We're super stoked to announce the new Zoom integration for Close!


Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing platforms, and it only made sense to add it natively to Close CRM. Close has always been focused on offering the most powerful communication tools for salespeople, and now you can use Zoom directly in Close alongside the other communication channels you love like predictive dialing, email sequences, and SMS.

The coolest thing about this integration is that it gives you unprecedented context: Instead of having a random pool of meetings in your Zoom account, Close will import, organize, and attach Zoom meetings to relevant leads. It cuts down on the clutter and always keeps you up-to-date and in the know.

You can read more about this brand new integration here. If you're not part of the Close family yet, grab yourself a free 14 day trial and try it out for yourself!

Now let's look at this week's sales exposé:

How to manage all of your sales meetings in one place


You look at your calendar and it's packed with sales meetings. Brilliant! But when are you going to make time for outreach and prospecting? Without careful planning and attention, meetings can quickly swallow up your entire work week.

We recently published an article outlining 5 tactics you can use to ensure your calendar stays organized, you never miss a meeting, and you have enough time to conquer more important tasks on the agenda.


How question-selling can triple the value of your service

average-signup-cost-graph copy

In sales, there's a common misconception that by saying the right thing you’ll win the deal. Or the only way to convince a potential client to sign is to offer a hefty discount on your services. This article makes the case for Question-Based Selling (QBS). Basically, you need to stop talking and start listening.

Predictable Revenue swears by this method: after implementing QBS, their average deal size went up nearly 400%. Maybe it's time for you to adopt their mantra as well?


Managers, take your 1:1s to the next level with these 6 must reads


It's obvious that 1:1 meetings matter: They give managers an opportunity to nurture sales rep relationships, offer feedback, and rectify any issues that may arise. And while we all agree that these 1:1s are important — and with a wealth of guides, tips, and templates at our disposal — they're still difficult to get right.

Firstround put together a book packed full of manager advice, and in this article, they explore some 1:1 tips and tactics found in that book.


3 drip sequences every inside sales pro should be using


You don't want to be that guy/girl manually sending one email at a time to every prospect that pops up in your funnel. That's so 2010s.

Automated drip sequences can be your workhorse on the email front, freeing you to spend time on the more pressing tasks in your workweek.

This article has some great practical drip sequences you can use — and believe me, the results between a good and bad drip sequence is night and day — it's something you want to get right the first time.


Dare to be different in all that you do. For your future happiness.


This new Startup Chat episode has a very interesting conversation surrounding a tweet/quote by Hiten Shah:

Dare to be different in all that you do, for your future happiness

What makes people exceptional? What causes people to achieve things? Steli and Hiten unpack their thoughts on societal conformity, being different, and the risk involved in going against the grain.


Three disciplines of high-performing sales managers


As a sales manager, the better your sales team, the easier your job. The worse your sales team, the more difficult your job. So as a sales manager, what should you prioritize to ensure your sales team is in tip-top shape?

In this post, Anthony Iannarino shares three disciplines you should be focused on as a sales manager. By investing in the right places right now, you can build and develop a kick-ass sales team that'll pay dividends far into your future.


Are you part of a startup or SMB? Close was built with you in mind! Supercharge your sales with predictive dialing, lead management, email automation, and SO much more. We've got a 14 day trial with your name on it! Ready to try Close?