Sales Brief: Ultimate team effort

Sales Brief: Ultimate team effort

Ever wondered how the Close sales team is selling our sales tool to other sales teams?

We’ve just pulled back the curtain and give you a step-by-step walkthrough of our own internal sales process. You get a detailed breakdown of the tools we use, how leads get assigned, and much more.

Check out Close’s sales process here.

Go get’em!

The ultimate team effort: How the Close sales team joins forces to build more solid deals

How does a sales team selling a sales tool sell to other sales teams? It might not be as confusing as it sounds...

Startups often wonder how to structure their sales teams to get the best results with the least number of reps. In this exposé, we unveil the process that our own sales team here at Close uses to win major deals with a team of just 3 people.

You'll get an inside look into how the sales team at Close works, why our sales team is smaller than our success team, and how later handoffs equal more solid deals.


Looking for a remote sales job in 2021? Here's how to land a sweet gig

Research shows that remote work is working well for many people, and the percentage of employees permanently working from home is expected to double in 2021.

Remote sales jobs allow you the flexibility of working from anywhere, but they can be hard to land. Want to land a sweet remote gig in 2021? Here we discuss the roles and responsibilities required of a remote salesperson, plus how to find the perfect remote sales role in 9 simple steps.


Stop pitching on the first message: Results from a 3-month experiment

How many times have you received one of those random messages from a stranger on LinkedIn? We all know the message: A forced introduction, maybe a quick compliment, and a terrible cookie-cutter sales pitch. Those are the worst.

Here's the real question: How many times has that actually converted to a deal? Have you ever wanted to actually follow through with a cold pitch you got on LinkedIn? Probably not. But plenty of sales reps continue down this road. If you want to actually stand out as a salesperson, you have to take a different approach.


How to get out of a sales slump: 11 things you probably haven’t tried yet

Almost every seasoned salesperson has been through a sales slump at some point in their career. But what if you’ve been in a slump for weeks and just can’t seem to snap out of it? What if you’ve already tried everything and nothing seems to work?

Here we discuss 11 surefire, proven tactics to get out of a sales slump, and back into high-performance mode.


How a first-time founder raised $1m by cold email (and zero intros)

The act of sending a cold email is a small investment, but, if structured well, can deliver life-changing results. Don't believe me? The author of this article was able to launch and build two successful B2B startups from scratch almost entirely through cold emailing.

This article features some awesome case studies highlighting the power of cold emailing, including a real cold email that convinced Mark Cuban to invest in a startup.


How to talk to customers: 10 tips for startup founders

When you're the founder of an early-stage startup, it's your responsibility to talk to your customers. It's also your responsibility to be customer service manager, head of product, head of sales, engineer manager…plus manage a million other tasks.

Life of a small business owner doesn’t allow for much space to deep dive into the philosophy of customer communications. That's where tactics come into play. In this article, you'll learn 10 tips on how talk to customers that'll help save time while maximizing your insights and results.