Sales Brief: Business survival in wartime

Sales Brief: Business survival in wartime

With the ongoing crisis, a lot of businesses are left wondering how to proceed and when things will go back to "normal".

While things may never completely go back to normal, there's a silver lining: businesses can adapt, have adapted, and have seen remarkable success despite these challenging times.

This week we talked to our customers to find how they were able to shift their focus and adopt new practices in order to survive the crisis. This Sales Brief highlights their stories, along with practical advice you can use in your own business.

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Now let's get into your weekly Sales Brief 🔥

EdTech Sales: The ultimate guide to selling to schools during COVID-19

Earlier this year, almost 40 million students in the US were forced to leave schools. In a period of about 4 days, the entire field of learning had changed. Through the panic and chaos, technology emerged as the shining solution to a very unexpected problem, and many of our customers in EdTech managed to quickly adapt to these new realities.

In this in-depth piece, we take a look at how real EdTech companies were able to quickly meet this crazy new demand for online education, and succeed in spite of the crisis. Get 17 practical strategies you can apply to your sales process, to continue selling through COVID-19 and beyond.


Wartime SaaS forecasting: Fighting uncertainty by accounting for unknowns

During normal times, SaaS companies are usually the beneficiaries of relatively stable compounding growth. But we're no longer in normal times, and are now faced with an existential threat: recurring revenue streams are drying up. How must we proceed?

This article dives into the difficult questions: How bad will it get? How long will it last? What should we expect moving forward? Get a realistic forecast for what the rest of 2020 might look like, along with some actionable advice on how to weather the storm.


How 3 small teams pivoted their businesses to adapt to COVID-19

In this article, we sat down with three of our customers to find out how they've shifted their businesses to better serve their customers during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. While all three of these companies have completely different models and clientele, there's a lot that can be learned in how they adopted new business practices to survive and thrive.

What do you do when shutting down business just isn't an option? You adapt.


Questions to Ask Yourself During This Crisis

In times of crisis, especially one like the COVID 19 crisis where anxiety is so universal, it’s important to ask yourself certain questions so that you recognize when you might be exhausted and there’s no good answer or solution to a challenge you’re facing.

In this new Startup Chat episode, Steli and Hiten discuss what the concept of a wartime CEO means, why there’s no such thing as a peacetime CEO, the right way to think about this concept, and much more.


12 Survival tips for remote sales teams (from real remote workers)

While WFH has been around for quite some time, it hasn't been the de facto option until recently. A lot of sales teams who never considered leaving the office are now fully remote, and struggling to figure it out.

In this article, Sales Hacker lays out 12 survival tips for selling remote. Leaderboards, high-fives, and boardroom meetings may now be a distant memory for you, but selling remotely is totally possible with the right tools and mindset.


Calendly CRM integration: Powering high performing sales teams

Sales is a fast-paced game. To sell effectively, you need to spend your time on activities that drive value. Manually tending to a calendar full of meetings is not one of those activities. This is where Calendy + Close comes in.

Using this integration will ensure vital meeting information is automatically tracked in your CRM — meaning important information never gets lost and your prospects don’t fall through the cracks in the follow-up. In this article, we share a variety of ways you can put this integration to use.


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