Sales Brief: Win Win Win

Sales Brief: Win Win Win

When it comes to closing a deal, win-win selling sounds great on paper.

You're happy. Your prospect is happy. What's not to like?

But win-win situations don't come out of no where. You have to work for it. Want to know what it takes to create win-win situations, and have both sides walk away happy? Read my latest article: How to create win-win situations in your sales pipeline

Go get'em!

How to create win-win situations in your sales pipeline

The days of quickly pitching a product, doing a 30-minute demo, and closing a deal are gone. You need to work for it.

But win-win situations aren't a fantasy. Here are the nuts and bolts of what it takes to create win-win situations—and have both sides walk away happy. Learn how to create them by doing your homework, asking questions, and flipping the script.


Boost & motivate your remote team with sales incentives

Remote work has become the norm and is here to stay. 98% of remote workers say they want to continue remote working even after the pandemic.

Sales teams can lack motivation when working remotely. Here's how you can use sales incentives to keep motivation at an all time high.


Turning challenges into opportunities as the great reshuffle threatens relationship continuity

Have you felt more turnover among your buyers and within your own company recently? You aren’t alone. Globally, turnover among sales professionals is up 26% year-over-year.

In an industry that’s as dependent on relationships, trust, and continuity as sales is, all of the recent churn and turnover poses a particularly profound challenge.


Your top hiring and recruitment questions answered: Sourcing sales leadership

Hiring sales leadership marks a major developmental milestone for your business—it means your product has gained momentum and you’re ready to add that layer of strategic planning above the person managing your sales reps.

In a time when recruiting executive talent can be harder than finding a needle in a haystack, making the right hire the first time around is more important than ever.


Why transparency sells better than perfection

Traditional outbound sales techniques taught salespeople to position their product as the biggest and greatest, but that approach doesn’t resonate with today’s buyers.

Honesty and transparency aren’t new concepts in sales. Most salespeople understand the value of cultivating trust with prospects and know that transparency is the best way to build that relationship. What may be surprising is how much honesty influences the buying decision.


8 Wrong-headed beliefs about sales

There are a lot of bad ideas out there about sales and selling. Inevitably, some of them get treated as if they were unassailable truths, even when they are quite the opposite. Here’s some bad sales advice—and why it doesn’t work.