Sales Brief: The winning pitch

Sales Brief: The winning pitch

I love a good sales pitch.

Unfortunately they’re exceedingly rare.

Witnessing a great pitch is in many ways like being entranced when watching a great movie. You go on a journey of the imagination and explore new possibilities.
Except that the main protagonist of that movie is YOU: Your dreams, your problems, challenges, wants, and needs.

We need less mediocre pitches, and more truly great ones. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide to creating and delivering a winning pitch, including templates, examples, ready-to-use decks, and more!

Go get’em!

The ultimate sales pitch guide for high-performing reps

Ever wondered what makes a solid pitch? Or can't quite stick the landing and close the deal? This guide's got you covered.

In this free comprehensive guide, we'll teach you what it takes to formulate and present a powerful sales pitch. With over 8 chapters it contains a wealthy of information, featuring step-by-step instructions, real-world pitch deck examples, free templates, tips and tricks, and so much more. Ready to become a world-class presenter?


3 ways to boost your sales results using Zoom in 2021 & beyond

Using a phone for sales has always been a solid choice for decades. But there's a new powerful alternative that made major gains in 2020: video calls, aka Zoom.

Ditching the phone and hosting sales calls over video creates a personalized touch your leads will absolutely resonate with. In this article, you'll learn 3 ways you can whizz through lead prospecting by using Zoom in 2021.


Pro Tip: Share Your Work

While a lot of startups conduct their business in secret, some are now beginning to share what they're working on with the public. And like everything in life, sharing your work has its pros and cons.

In this new Startup Chat episode, Steli and Hiten discuss the idea of cross-promoting, ideas of what you can share with the public, the benefits of sharing, and much more.


‘Measure Everything’—Pendo’s Todd Olson on becoming a product-led organization

A product-led approach to growth has many benefits. Pendo CEO Todd Olson is so passionate about product-led organizations that he literally wrote the book on it. He joins host Blake Bartlett on OV Build podcast to discuss what exactly “product led” means, how a product-led strategy extends way beyond acquisition, and how the less-is-more concept can make a big difference.


9 Simple marketing workflow examples you can use right now

You’re hopping from task to task, trying to get everything squared away before your marketing project deadline. Endless meetings, constant back-and-forth, and scrappy to-do know the drill.

If everything feels disorganized, and you’re missing important deadlines as a result, it might be time to implement some marketing workflow processes. Here are nine workflow ideas that'll reduce stress and make you a hell of a lot more organized.


Create a “Content Playground” that’s fun for buyers (and lucrative for you)

The traditional buyer’s funnel relies on linear decision-making, assuming that an audience will move neatly to become a prospect, then customer. But despite being effective in the past, that’s not how modern humans work.

Content marketers need a new model that reflects how humans actually purchase nowadays. Enter the playground.