Sales Development Reps Outsourced - Jaspar Weir Sales Hacker Conference

Sales Development Reps Outsourced - Jaspar Weir Sales Hacker Conference

Close is at today’s Sales Hacker Conference in San Francisco and we’ll be taking notes and sharing the best talks of the conference with you. List of all talks.

JASPAR WEIR, President, Taskus

JASPAR WEIR, President, Taskus

His number one job is being a sales person and building a scalable sales team.

1) Why cold calling is dying and why this is redefining the role of the Sales Development Rep (SDR)

  • Cold calling is dead, or at least dying

  • in 2007 it took 3.68 calls to reach a prospect

  • today, it takes 8 calls to reach a prospect

  • Success rate of cold calls resulting in an appointment is 2%

  • It takes 6.25 hours to set a single appointment

Specializing the salesforce works!

Gave examples of five companies that are doing really well.

  • Companies that have a lot of money can test things out and see how it works

  • Smaller companies that haven’t raised major rounds or don’t have a lot of money to waste on expensive tests -

  • Average salary for  for an SDR makes $55k or $230/day

  • Most SDRs spend time researching and doing time consuming work.

  • Its expensive, time consuming, unengaging, distracting

How much does this really cost you? if someone spends 57.50 a day on research (2 hours) and the average SDR makes 10 - 15 calls per hour. Then, 20-30 calls are not made when someone is prospecting.

50 calls a day to make one appointment. your cost of appointment goes from $154 - $230

Your spending an extra $76 per appointment that you are losing

Whent they first hired someone in sales, the person wasn’t making any calls and doing research the entire time.

  • He wasn’t to happy with this so  they had their team in the phillipines do the researching, so that his sales guy could be on the phone more

  • The sales guy still wasn’t calling enough, he was researching a lot still.  But, instead of just doing sales and finding who he should contact, he began looking for good companies to send to the Philippines

  • So, they asked the employees in the Philippines to find the companies they wanted to partner with AND find the contact person in said company

  • They found that their prospects and customers weren’t coming from cold calling, but from emailing and LinkedIn messages

  • Then the next problem - How do you get the people in the Philippines to send out messages that are high quality and feel like their coming from an American.

  • So, they started breaking down the components of a good email - how can we help our outsourced team to do this:
  • Great subject line

  • Reason to contact  

  • Be specific to the company - not I was on your website.  

  • Perhaps a quote from their founders or a recent news article about them

  • They wrote out 20 different potential ‘reasons to contact’ so the team in the Philippines would have every scenario done

Specific Ask

Very short pitch (2 sentences max)

Establishes credibility

Introduces your value proposition

3.4% of Taskus email outreach turn into a qualified lead

Their cost is $5 per qualified lead

$71 qualified appointment

  • This is more than three times cheaper than the $230 appointment that an SDR in America would cost

They are getting a 29% response right

Then they cold call warm leads, generally people who have opened the email and see good results

This is a constant process - it is iterative. The outsourced team and the Taskus SDRs work very closely and are in constant communication

Before you buy your Island in the philippines, test and document your process. Make sure it works!

  • What is nice to know?

  • What do you need to know?

  • What do you expect?

  • You should A/B test.

Next steps:

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