5 elements of sales email signatures that make prospects respond

5 elements of sales email signatures that make prospects respond

In the corporate world, email is one of the most efficient forms of communication. When it comes to reaching out to prospects, salespeople favor this method. You may improve the effectiveness of such a channel by producing an eye-catching subject line, compelling email copy, and a suitable CTA.

There is one more thing you must include: sales email signatures. It is a method of building your company's identification because, unlike in real life, you can't hand over your business card to prospects you are sending your cold email to.

What exactly are sales email signatures?

An email signature is a piece of text added to the end of emails you send. It typically includes the sender's name, email address, phone number, website URL, and other important information.

While using internet templates to create your email signature is simple, it will not work for sales emails. Sales email signatures catch the attention of prospects and make you appear reliable, so they are more likely to respond positively. Thus you have to design them yourself and run an email signature marketing campaign to optimize your strategy.

How can you make an email signature for sales?

It is important to get your email signature right if you want to generate more leads. Unfortunately, individuals usually put in either too little or far too much in their sales email signatures.

Overloaded email signatures will distract the prospects and prevent them from taking the step you want them to do. On the other hand, prospects will not engage with you if you don’t share enough details.

Preferably, your company email signature should help prospects quickly identify you. As a result, below are the main factors to consider when developing a sales email signature to get people to respond to your emails.

1. Include basic details

While creating your sales email signature, consider who you are.

To respond to the question, include factual information about yourself, such as your name, job position, and connections to social media accounts. It informs the receiver about you, your firm, where it is located, and much more!

Besides these key attributes, you can include a few extras, such as your picture, to ensure that the receiver knows the email is from a real person. The reality is that images are remembered for a longer amount of time. So including an image in your sales email signature will help you be remembered.

If you want the prospect to contact you, including your phone number in your email signature is a great idea. However, while including your phone number is necessary, you should avoid including your email address because the receiver can contact you by just clicking the reply button. Therefore, the email address in the signature appears to be redundant and superfluous.

Remember that your sales email signatures must include your physical address to conform with CAN-SPAM regulations.

Another question to ask yourself is: what makes you stand out?

You must outperform the other sales emails created using templates at this stage. You have to demonstrate what distinguishes you from the competition. It might be a link to your strongest social media profile, where you can better introduce yourself. In some ways, this could help the prospects get to know you deeper and trust you more.

Following that, you could include your firm's tagline or a statement relevant to your organization and industry. Finally, you can make it amusing or eccentric to capture the readers’ attention.

Now it's your achievements' turn. It may be a book you wrote, a brand giant you worked with, or an article published in a famous journal. It boosts your reputation and elevates you above the competition. And besides, how can others know about your accomplishments if you don't show them?

3. Add a CTA

Now, the question for yourself is what you want your recipients to do after reading the email.

You can quickly incorporate a call to action into your email signature. Well-designed sales email signatures include a CTA. Including a CTA in your signature sales ensures that prospects understand what action they should take.

You can ask the receiver to do anything you desire, even advertise your material. It may be a link to your sales website, a calendar link to help the client plan a meeting, or even a link to your most recent blog article!

4. Experiment with colors and fonts

Sales email signatures in plain black and white are monotonous. But that doesn't imply you have to use many colors in your signature. There is a clear distinction between appropriate and excessive usage of color. So, never use more than two colors simultaneously, and make sure they balance one another. Using particular colors from your logo is ideal for adding colors to your email signature.

Combining too many fonts, just like overusing colors, makes your signature confusing and challenging to read. SDRs use various fonts to emphasize something, which is why they use numerous fonts. Rather than altering the font, you can play with the font size and color.

Although the mentioned above are the most important aspects of sales email signatures, the animation is also another innovative method to get the prospect's attention. Image or logo GIFs, animated signatures, animated banners, and icons are all options. Nevertheless, don't go overboard, or you'll distract the prospect from the original point of the email.

5. Use a uniform team signature

Having a consistent email signature enables your company to be more consistent. For example, hundreds of workers in your firm may send emails to a large number of recipients. If some of your workers use different information in their signatures, it may confuse certain leads if they get emails from other colleagues.

The solution is to create templates so that all of your staff can use the same signature. There are several ways to accomplish this, from designing it yourself to signature generators.

Mistakes to avoid in sales email signatures

Now that you know what to include in your signature to ensure success, here are some common missteps to avoid when designing an email signature.

Attaching an excessive number of images

Adding too many photos in your email signature can cause spam filters to warn and stop your email from reaching your prospect's inbox, lowering deliverability. Additionally, don't use a picture as your entire email signature. It might not display correctly on the recipient's end, and even when it does, they won't be able to quickly access or retain your details because they are part of a picture.

Adding many links in your signature appears weak and excessive. Too many links can be confusing and distracting to your readers, causing them to miss the point of your email. It is best to provide no more than 2-3 links.

Failing to optimize for smartphone

According to statistics from 2021, more email is read on mobile devices than on desktop email applications. In addition, 42% of email is now opened on a mobile device. Nowadays, handheld devices are the primary platform for checking email. Taking this into account, it makes perfect sense to optimize your emails for mobile devices to prevent losing any potential consumers.

Why Is an Email Signature Necessary for Sales Emails?

As previously stated, email is an excellent tool for reaching out to prospects and completing business. As a result, you must make your intentions clear when sending an email. And what could be better than including your email signature at the end of every email you send?

The key advantages of implementing an email signature for the best sales email are the following.

Demonstrates professionalism

A good email signature is comparable to a business card. It's only that it's in digital rather than physical form. Using an email signature informs prospects that you are contacting them on behalf of your firm.

It displays your competence. To get a highly polished appearance, your signature must include everything described above, such as your role in your firm, the name of your business, contact details, a legal disclaimer, and more.

Boosts brand awareness

There is a boost in brand awareness when your emails include an email signature. Including the company's name, logo, business fonts, and colors help prospects recognize the brand.

Tailors Your email

While a formal email signature makes your emails appear more professional, you can still add personalized aspects to them. For example, including social media connections is an excellent method to invite prospects to engage with you. Another personal touch would be a link to a recent blog article you published that the prospect may find helpful.

Increases visitors to your website

Some recipients are likely to click on the URL of the firm's site that you include in your email signature. This will drive more traffic to your website, resulting in a transaction. Aside from the business's homepage, you can include links to the blog and other web pages. When adding links, make sure they are useful to the receiver.

Increases response rates

Sales email signatures can significantly enhance response rates since they make prospects believe you more. That is because your signature tells prospects who you are, what your title is, and how they may contact you. It boosts your credibility, which leads to a better reaction.


As you can see, your email signature serves as an e-business card, a powerful marketing strategy that yields astonishing results. From driving traffic and raising brand awareness to advertising your products, a well-designed signature can provide you with numerous advantages.

You can build your personalized company signature in a matter of minutes, thanks to the plethora of free email signature generators available online. Include all of the components in your signature to get the most advantages.

About the author: Helga Zabalkanska is a CMO at Newoldstamp (500 Startups backed) and MySignature. She has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing with a data-driven approach. Helga is a startup enthusiast and SaaS lover.