The best headsets for sales teams using Close

The best headsets for sales teams using Close

The more time your sales reps spend talking with prospects on the phone, the more deals they close. And the better the sound, the better they sell. Today, we'll share the best headsets for sales teams using Close.

Before we get to specific brands and sales headset models, let's have a look at some general characteristics:

Wired vs wireless sales headsets

Nobody wants yet another wire around their desk. But while wireless is more convenient, wired headsets are more reliable and not as susceptible to external interference. Always err on the side of reliability when lots of talk-time is at stake.

Over-ear vs on-ear headsets for sales reps

A well-fitting over-ear headset will be more comfortable to wear, and it’s much easier to hear subtle noises with over-ear headsets. Your brain will work less isolating all of the background noise; leaving you a bit more refreshed at the end of a long sales day.

Don't be a one-eared sales rep

There are still too many 1-ear piece headsets out there. When you're making sales calls, always choose a binaural headset so you can hear your prospect on both ears.

Noise-cancelling headphones aren't always great for sales calls

While noise-cancelling microphones are great for a sales headset, noise-cancellation headphones will often cancel out your own voice, creating the strange sensation of not being able to hear your own voice as you speak, or hear it as if under water. It can be quite distracting, so when in doubt, choose a noise-cancelling mic but not noise-cancelling headphones.

Always choose a noise-cancelling microphone

While there are many apps like Krisp that offer noise-cancellation, we still recommend that you choose a noise-cancelling microphone. This is especially important for remote sales teams where reps work from home. Barking dogs, ambulance sirens, crying babies, the neighbour's 1pm trash metal party—we've all been on calls that got interrupted one way or another.

Boom microphone with wind protection

A boom-style microphone—one that's always located closely to your mouth—will create much clearer sound to microphones which are located in-ear or on the wire (like Apple's earphones).

The 3 best headsets for sales reps

Here are specific models we recommend based on our own experience:

Sennheiser DeskMate USB Single

A solid wired headset at around $200. Offers basic noise-cancelling, is comfortable to wear and has an easy plug & play setup: Just plug it into your USB and start using it right away.

Jabra Pro

If you absolutely insist on wireless, this $200 headset is a good choice. Features good noice cancellation, but the setup can be a bit of a pain. (You'll have to disable Automatic Audio Detection, lower the wireless range, and ensure you're using the Wide-Band codec for them to work really well.)

Jabra Evolve 80

A great headset for sales calls at around $330. Comfortable to wear all day long, and comes with fantastic noise-cancellation. A very easy plug & play setup, and the intuitive control unit makes it easy to adjust the volume, accept and end calls (it's basically the big red button we'd all wish we had to end Zoom meetings less awkwardly).

Invest in the best call headsets for your team

If you're a Close user, you understand the value of quality gear. It can tempting to skimp on headsets, especially if you're an early-stage company or need many headsets. But quality headsets are an investment worth making.

Your reps will sound better on the phone, they'll hear the prospect more clearly. A great headset elevates every sales conversation.

And for many prospects and customers, the sales conversation will be the first impression your brand makes in a personal interaction. Use it to your advantage.