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Sales is NOT about being liked

Sales is NOT about being liked

A lot of unsuccessful salespeople share a common trait: they want to be liked. And in the pursuit of likability, they get lost in the "building rapport" stage and never accomplish the things that matter in sales.

Don't spend a huge amount of time trying to build rapport. It's a sales conversation, not a chat about this one great coffee place you love so much just around the prospect's office. Your objective isn't to establish all the things you share and have in common—our objection is to figure out if the prospect is a good fit, and to close the deal.

It's important that people respect, trust and believe you. It's very helpful if people recognize you as a successful authority in your field, as someone with valuable expertise.

Pleasing prospects is not a part of your job. Sales isn't about building friendships, it's about helping the other person make a choice that will benefit both of you.