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Sales mindset: Attached & fearful vs. committed & couragous

Sales mindset: Attached & fearful vs. committed & couragous

We share a lot of sales tactics for very specific situations you encounter when you're trying to drum up business on our blog. But I believe that some of the biggest gains you can get are not by learning tactics, but by shifting your mindset. That's of course also the harder thing to do, but that shouldn't deter you.

One common reason why founders fail to sell as good as they actually could is that they are attached and fearful, when they should really be committed and courageous.

  • Why feeling that "your business is your baby" can be a bad thing.
  • How being attached to outcomes can sabotage your sales success.
  • When letting your business endeveaours fail can actually be a catalyst for growth
  • Feel a little timid and fearful? Have a hard time selling your product or service? There's a way to rethink the way you think about your business that can lead to much better results.