Sales productivity: How to make 300+ calls per day without a power dialer

Sales productivity: How to make 300+ calls per day without a power dialer

Wonder how you can make 300+ calls per day per sales rep without a power dialer?

It's not rocket science, it’s all about having the right CRM and workflow.

One of our customers wanted to increase his calls per day from 30 to 60—but we helped him increase it to 152, a 406% increase in calls!

He couldn’t have been happier: “Thanks for your help before! It changed the way we sell and saved us some money.”

Start saving time and money today by optimizing your workflow using these 3 simple tips.

1. Use Smart Views

First, create Smart Views in Close to save common search queries that your team is using to target specific leads. It’s a very simple process:

  1. If a search results page hasn’t already been saved as a Smart View, there will be a star icon next to “Search results”.
  2. Click on the star and label your new Smart View.

That’s it! Once your Smart  View is saved, it’s easily accessible with one click and can even be shared with specific individuals or your entire organization, thus creating more efficient teams.

You will have different Smart Views for different purposes. One Smart View could be for new leads who signed up for your product in the last 24 hours as you should call every trial signup user. Another one could be a list of leads who opened up your first email, but didn’t reply.

With Smart Views, you will spend less time searching for lists of leads and more time selling to leads.

2. Work quickly through a list of leads

With Smart Views, you now have your list of leads but how can you go through the list as quickly as possible?

In How to quickly work through a list of leads, we cover this in detail. However, the most important advice is to structure your search queries so that after you contact a lead, the lead is automatically removed from your search results, allowing you to only see the leads you haven’t contacted yet.

For instance, if you want to call through a list of new leads, your search in Close should include a filter for customers you have never called (calls = 0).


Once the first lead is called, the list will automatically update and remove the first lead since they no longer meet the criteria of having zero calls.

The beauty of using the right filter is that you won’t have to manually remove leads from your lead list and the list will always be up-to-date.

3. Use keyboard shortcuts

The final hack for a higher call volume is to use Close’s keyboard shortcuts. If you press the question mark button on your keyboard while Close is open, you'll see a modal window listing all of the available keyboard shortcuts.


This is the specific sequence of keys you need to use to boost your call volume to 300+ calls per day.

  1. Click on a specific Smart View to open up the list of leads you would like to call now.
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut

(Command Shift D) to call your first lead. While Close is calling the first lead, it will open up the lead window to provide context. As the phone is ringing, read through the information about the lead. As soon as your prospect picks up the phone, crush it!

  1. Use the shortcut

(Command Period) to hang up the call.

  1. Save your notes and press

(Command Left) to go back to your list of leads. You will notice that the lead you just called will be gone from the list and you are all set to call the next one.

  1. Start with

to repeat the sequence.

Using these keyboard shortcuts, you will break your daily calls record sooner than you think!

Companies in all kinds of industries find that they can substantially grow their business by making more calls, and speaking with more prospects. Some coaching companies that used our CRM for example have seen that the streamlined sales process has substantially helped them get more coaching clients.

Better workflow = better results

With these three tips, you are now ready to drastically improve your daily sales workflow and know how to quickly go through a list of leads.

Setting up the right workflow isn't complicated and will immediately pay off, as our sales team at Close can vouch for.

Not using Close yet? Start your 14-day free trial now! Three quick things you should know about your trial:

  1. It takes 2 minutes to sign up and download our app.
  2. No credit card required.
  3. You can import leads and get started calling in 5 minutes.

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