How to manage your sales qualification process in Close with Process Street

How to manage your sales qualification process in Close with Process Street

Getting an entire sales team to follow a consistent process is always a challenge.

So, to make things easier, we've devised a clever way to integrate Process Street with Close using Process Street's new Run Link feature, Close's Integration Links feature and Zapier.

With this integration, every contact has its own embedded run link, leading to your BANT qualification checklist.

All of the checklist information is pushed back to Close to configure opportunities, follow up tasks and create notes.

Watch the video:

Learn more on how to setup the integration here.

To trigger a qualification checklist, just go to a lead in Close, select your contact, call them, and hit the link.

Now, you can work through the checklist and manage your process in a structured and efficient way.

Why use this integration?

  • Using a checklist for sales qualification means it's easy to add new SDRs to the team.
  • Train and maintain consistency in your sales process.
  • Keep your CRM data uniform by calculating opportunity value and configuring custom fields with Zapier.
  • Inside Close, you can now hit one button (run qualification checklist) to instantly launch a BANT qualification checklist and populate it with the data from your CRM.
  • You can use Process Street's dropdown menus to categorize leads into use cases.
  • The data you input in Process Street can be fed directly back into the CRM to create your call note.
  • Checkboxes can automatically configure tasks in Close for your SDRs.
  • Build out notes, opportunities and tasks while you log information on sales calls. This makes for zero data entry after each sales call and uniformity in your notes.
  • Easily run reports on your structured data (because the data is formatted properly in your CRM and Process Street, not lost on a freeform note somewhere)