Why speed is quickly becoming a sales pro’s competitive advantage

Why speed is quickly becoming a sales pro’s competitive advantage

Businesses and sales teams have to think fast if they want to survive.

The best sales professionals show their value when faced with the challenge of selling a product that's similar to many other products on the market.

Sales are about finding a way to rise above the competition. If you're selling into a competitive market, your job will be tough. Differentiating yourself from your competitors is critical.

Sales pros have started to realize that speed can become a competitive advantage. Any time a business can do something faster than their competition, they're going to get great results and potentially close more deals.

It’s challenging to emphasize the value of speed in our daily lives. With speed being everything, sales pros have to do what it takes to stay competitive and on the ball.

The bottom line is, the faster you can close a deal, the faster your company will grow. All those hot leads in your sales pipeline? They'll cool down pretty fast. The slower your sales funnel, the higher the risk of competitors eating your lunch.

With the speed at which sales are moving, sales pros have to do whatever it takes to stay competitive.

There are ways you can use speed—and in this post, I’m going to share 5 reasons why it’s becoming a competitive advantage for sales pros.

1. If you snooze, you lose

With the speed at which sales moves, keeping up is a job that never gets any easier.

Everyone is pushing hard to get to the next step, which can leave you with little time to make yourself stand out. If you can't keep up and move fast, your competitors will outstrip you.

Prospects and customers don't want to work with a slow sales team. They expect fast and speedy service that helps to solve their pain points and fulfill their needs.

Not moving fast enough will be a death sentence for your prospects and customers because there are many other options out there.

Your competitors are likely moving slowly if they aren't living up to customer and prospect expectations. Moving fast can be a significant competitive advantage and help you build a strong foundation as a sales rep, that others cannot do.

As the sales industry continues to evolve, expectations will rise, making speed all the more necessary.

2. Your prospects and customers are expecting it

We live in a time of instant gratification, where a lot of people are not-so patient.

People aren't happy with the status quo. They want something now and they want it fast.

Sales teams must work quickly to please their customers and prospects—otherwise, customers will have no problem moving to another product or service. As companies continue growing more competitive, standards rise, making speed a requirement.

Speed can be a big turn on. Most people don’t like delays, waiting on the phone to speak to somebody, etc. People like finding what others want and getting things done fast. And some prospects and customers might even pay more if a sales rep is fast. If a prospect brings up a complicated problem during a sales conversation, and a sales rep can propose a good solution the next day, a prospect is much more likely to trust that this company will also treat them well once they're a customer.

To have speed means to see significant opportunities, before they're seen by competition. With this, it makes you stand out and close more deals.

3. Helps you make better decisions

Business is about making decisions and executing on them.

The same applies to sales pros.

Decision making is even more important to you in your position as a sales leader. Part of being a sales leader involves how you handle the decisions you face and make each day.

We make decisions every day. What are we going to eat? Wear? Watch? Those are pretty easy, right? In business, you'll face a lot of hard decisions, and the most successful people in business are good at making difficult decisions fast.

Commit to making a certain amount of decisions each day. If you keep your choices to a certain amount, you’ll start to make them faster and more often. Halting a critical decision slows the process and makes you anxious. And the decision will still be there waiting for you to decide. You want your sales team to be on the ball so that you can help your prospects and customers with their pain points.

Sales pros need to make decisions faster. No organization ever became successful by being slow. The bottom line is that fast decisions are better than no decisions. Even if your fast decision is the wrong one, you'll learn from the result, whereas a decision that you perpetually ponder in your mind will never teach you anything.

Remember: Your competition can make the same decision before you. Do you want that? Probably not.

4. If you want to be successful, productivity is key

Sales is a fast-paced environment and, to be successful, you need to remain productive.

Tracking your pace, the time you spend face-to-face with others, and working on tasks can give you a better idea of your sales productivity. As a sales pro, you want to focus on the speed of your selling.

Sales are imperative for your company. Your goal is to sell as much as possible, as fast as you can.

Sales productivity can be measured by the rate a rep increases revenue for a company. If you want to increase your productivity, try to work towards becoming faster at your tasks.

The more productive a rep is, the faster they are at selling and forming relationships with prospects and customers. And maintaining these connections is critical if you want to be successful and have a competitive advantage.

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5. Better CRMs, faster communication

If you don’t have a CRM for improving communication, you should start today.

Communication is essential if you want to be successful. Without effective communication, your company will not be able to grow and maintain a competitive advantage.

With the help of a CRM, you and your team can be motivated to reach higher sales and better satisfaction with prospects and customers.

The use of a CRM makes it faster by providing the ability to email, call, and text from the app.

Our CRM allows you to send thousands of emails with the click of a button. Whether you’re doing outreach or sending follow-ups, you’ll save time and make it easier to communicate.

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