How to search Google for email addresses that generate leads

How to search Google for email addresses that generate leads

Filling your sales pipeline with quality leads, opening a sales conversation, closing a deal, finding the best candidate for a job, and making meaningful partnerships are all essential to the success and growth of your business.

But even if you have top-notch cold email templates and supported sales cadences—it all starts by sending these emails to the right people. Luckily, there are ways to extract email addresses from Google search.

Email finder tools automate much of the process for you, but if you need to do some of this work manually, you can find email addresses via social networking sites like LinkedIn and through simple Google searches.

  • Method 1: Use a site:search in Google to find email on their site’s domain
  • Method 2: Send emails to all possible email address variations
  • Method 3: Search for their email address by domain username check

We’ll walk you through each strategy, and give you the likelihood that each method will work. Keep in mind that using email finder tools will always be more efficient and save time. Because all of the methods below involve manual trial-and-error, they will be more challenging to get substantial results.

Method 1: Use a site:search in Google to find email on their site’s domain

Likelihood this will work: 75%

Many people don’t know that Google has a number of shorthand searches that you can do based on the way you format the text you enter into the search. One of the easiest and most useful of these is the site:search feature in Google.

This specialized search allows you to search for keywords related to a specific website domain through Google. You can use this to narrow your search to a specific website.

To do this, simply type “site:[domain] [keyword]” where ‘domain’ is the website you wish to search and ‘keyword’ is the keyword or phrase you are searching that website for. For example, to search for “sales leads” on Close, we would enter the following into the google search:

You will notice that all results returned from the Google search will be from the website domain you entered. This is an extremely fast way of searching a website domain for specific phrases, especially when they don’t have a site search feature available.

Scroll through the results and click the link the same as usual to go directly to the page you’re looking for. Use this to search for specific people or contact directories at the business that the professional you want to contact with works at. Then search the page for the information you are looking for. The ‘domain’ would be the website for the company they work for, and the ‘keyword’ would be the person’s name.

Method 2: Send emails to all possible email address variations you can think of

Likelihood this will work: < 50%

This is a trial-and-error method, and there are a number of email finder tools that can automate much of these processes for you. If you’ve exhausted other efforts with no avail, then this manual method can still work. With this method, you simply send out emails to every possible variation in an attempt to connect.

This may seem like a shot in the dark, but there are ways to target your efforts. First, find the company where the person works via LinkedIn, a name search in Google, etc. Once you know where the person you want to reach works, you want to visit that businesses’ website domain. Review the website for any contact details used for other employees. Identify any patterns for standardized formatting.

Some common types of professional email address formats include:

Template Example

If you are having trouble finding an exact email format or pattern, your best bet is to send an email to each common alternative. By its nature, this method will have a low delivery rate, open rate, and response rate, as you know most of the email addresses you attempt to send to will be invalid or the wrong person.

Method 3: Search for their email address by domain username check

Likelihood this will work: < 15%

If neither method 1 nor 2 yielded the result you've hoped for, there's one more manual hack to determine whether an email address is active or not: Trying to create email addresses on the domain. You'll need to have some rudimentary technical skills for this method. Keep in mind that an active email address may not belong to the person you are trying to contact, and it can significantly reduce your delivery rate if the email address is currently owned and operated by someone else.

To do this, attempt to create the email address you think they have. This won’t be possible if businesses have restricted email domains. In some cases, however, initiating the process and checking if an email address is available to be created will indicate whether that email is already active or not.

Searching for email addresses using Google is difficult without an email finder tool, but hopefully these methods help you find email addresses and connect with leads, prospects, and partners.

Try each — or any combination — and see how successful you are. Depending on your industry and other factors, it may be hard to identify email patterns and find valid email addresses.

If these efforts aren't giving you the results you want, consider trying an email finder tool to help you generate leads and prospects.