Smart Views: Reordering & sharing

Smart Views: Reordering & sharing

Smart Views help you save common search queries that you and your team members are using to target specific leads. We created this feature to save your precious time and make searching for relevant lead groups faster.

However, a few things weren’t polished enough, causing confusion and making Smart Views’ usage not as efficient as we would like. The biggest pain points our users have reported were:

  • Confusing order of the Smart Views. It made the query you were looking for hard to find.
  • Inability to share a Smart View with specific users only. You had to either keep the query private or share it with everybody, even if some of your team members didn’t need it.

We solved both of these issues!


Now, you can store the Smart Views in whatever order you want. Just drag and drop them!



You can also share the Smart Views with explicitly specified users.


We hope these changes will make using Smart Views much more enjoyable and efficient.

See for more information about Smart Views.