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Status change tracking

Status change tracking

We just launched “status change tracking”, a big foundational improvement that will allow Close to better track how leads and opportunities flow through your sales funnel. Now, when you change a lead’s status (e.g. from Potential to Qualified and then later from Qualified to Customer) we’ll keep track of the history of such changes, including when and who made each change.

For both Leads and Opportunities, you’ll see these status changes appear in your lead Timeline to give you a sense of what has happened on a lead.

Status change tracking

But adding these records in your timeline is just the beginning. By now tracking historical status changes of all your records, we’ll be able to introduce much smarter reporting that helps you better understand how leads are flowing through your funnel.

A feature like this has the potential to introduce a lot of clutter into your lead timeline. We took a few steps to avoid that: We reuse/update the previous “status change” if it was less than an hour ago. So if you quickly change statuses twice in a row, you’ll only have one permanent record instead of two. And if there are multiple status changes in a row even then, we will collapse the older ones.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback and are always interested in what you’d like to see next in Close.

—Phil @philfreo or @closeio