Steli Efti on Entrepreneurial Pain (Heureka Conference 2015)

Steli Efti on Entrepreneurial Pain (Heureka Conference 2015)

Here's a talk Steli gave at the 4th Heureka Conference in Berlin. He shared stories of his failed startups and strategies for dealing with entrepreneurial pain.

If you're trying to build a startup, to create something from nothing, this is a good way of preparing yourself for the emotional rollercoaster you're getting into.

Have you gone through entrepreneurial hard times? Don't keep it to yourself - talk with others about your struggles, it'll help you to think differently about it, and find a better way of handling these problems.

And make sure to check out the episode 11 of The Startup Chat with Steli & Hiten, where they share stories of their own hard times.

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