How to use data to accelerate your sales process (Q&A webinar)

How to use data to accelerate your sales process (Q&A webinar)
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Here's the recording of today's webinar about how to use data to accelerate your sales process. Tune in below!

In today's webinar, we talked about how some of the world's fastest growing startups are creating and leveraging a data-driven sales process that helps their teams close more deals—faster.

We covered how to gather more accurate and useful data about your leads, strategies for perfecting your prospecting efforts (including which data points are most indicative of purchase-intent), actionable ways to translate data into meaningful insights, the role of website personalization to increase close rates, and much more...

Tune in to watch a full recording of the webinar right here:

A huge thanks to our panelists on today's webinar!

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We'll weigh in and get to the many questions that went unanswered during today's webinar.

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