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Week of bug fixes

Week of bug fixes

We spent this week looking through a backlog of bugs and fixing as many of them as possible. Here's the update.

  • Fixed a bug where merging leads would sometimes result in showing duplicate emails in the resulting merged lead.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate emails could be sent under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where replies sent from Close sometimes wouldn't be associated with the original email.
  • When changing your SMTP credentials, try to resend any emails stuck in "outbox" immediately.
  • Emails that didn't have a "from name" associated with them would incorrectly show the currently logged in Close user's name as the "from name". This is now fixed.
  • Fixed the edit lead form so the "URL" field isn't marked red/incorrect if you enter a URL without "http://", since we auto-prefix with http:// for you.
  • Fixes to Explorer that prevented certain combinations of filters from working.
  • Fixed a JavaScript error caused when switching organizations after viewing Customizations settings page.
  • Fixed a bug where creating a lead/opportunity status with an existing name would fail, but without showing a reason.
  • Added support for abbreviations of Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and US Armed Forces in an address "state" field.
  • Answering a call on your phone number from a different organization now switches you into the relevent organization.
  • Fixed expanding and editing of contact details on touch devices like iPad.
  • Enabled clicking on a Smart View link for a page you're already on to reload the search results.
  • Fixed a bug where thousand separators and currency codes would be included in the CSV exporter, making Excel not recognize the cells as numeric.

Plus, added a couple features, for good measure: