We're writing a new book: The Unscalable Startup

We're writing a new book: The Unscalable Startup

If you’ve ever written a book, you know how painful the process is. There’s a handful of really large, big pains: how to best present the big ideas, the right way to structure your book, and how to give it a cohesive narrative.

And as many tiny little pains as there are stars in the sky: details that sometimes seem too insignificant to spend your time on, but then you know they’re just a tad too important to ignore.

Yet, once you’ve finished a book, it feels amazing to hear from people who read it and tell you how much they loved it. It triggers a silly little reflex in your brain that makes you wanna do something stupid: write the next one.

So today we’re announcing a book we’ll be releasing some time in 2015, titled The Unscalable Startup.

unscalable startup

This book won't be limited on sales alone, but include many other lessons we've learned on building and growing a successful startup fast.

You'll find helpful hacks on:

  • How little teams can do big things
  • A simple framework for making good decisions in the face of complex options,
  • Actionable strategies to identify high-growth opportunities ... and a lot more.

Visit www.unscalablestartup.com to get the first chapter free once it’s ready. (And right away, watch a full, 1-hour web-session filled with stories and idea-starters for doing things that don't scale.)