Danielle Diamond, Rebel Motion & User Interviews: A Filmmaker's Advice for Storytelling in Sales

by Rebecca Luo

Episode #19: Close Women in Sales Series

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Danielle Diamond (@dhopediamond) is a Content Creator at User Interviews, the Director of Marketing at Rebel Motion, and a Screenwriter at ScreenPower.
Danielle was previously a conversational marketer of video at Drift. She’s had numerous experiences in film production and marketing, and graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Television.

Episode highlights:
  • How Danielle got an early life start in filmmaking
  • Danielle feels that film sets have a lot to learn from how businesses are operated.  This is part of what influenced her desire to orient her career towards sales & marketing
  • Danielle's storytelling structure, with her piece of advice of how "people don't care about your product, they care about their problem"
  • How Danielle was able to land her sales & marketing role at Drift without prior traditional experience in the field
  •  Danielle's remote work experience with three companies simultaneously