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Sales Award Winner Jen Wolosoff, Buzzfeed Employee #20: Manifesting Your Career Vision

Sales Award Winner Jen Wolosoff, Buzzfeed Employee #20: Manifesting Your Career Vision

Episode #12: Close Women in Sales Series

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Jen Wolosoff is the Director of Brand Strategy at Buzzfeed. Jen joined Buzzfed as employee #20 in 2010, where one of her many responsibilities has been managing, leading, and executing custom social advertising solutions to Fortune 500 companies. She’s been promoted eight times at Buzzfeed, having been the company’s first Account Manager, the first Ad Operations manager, and the winner of numerous awards. She is the first ever BuzzFeed Sales award recipient to win the Greg Coleman's President's Award and the Doug Weaver's 212NYC Digital Sales Excellence Award, and she’s been awarded to BuzzFeed's Sales President's Club. Prior to Buzzfeed, Jen was a celebrity reporter for New York Daily News, and a media planner for GroupM.

Episode highlights:

  • How the universe helped Jen manifest an early career wish, landing her a job at Buzzfeed before it became a household brand
  • How to manage the creative process and the sales process in building partnerships for branded content
  • Jen's track record of being promoted eight times at Buzzfeed and having been the company's first Account Manager and first Ad Operations Manager
  • Characteristics required to thrive in a creative industry
  • What Jen learned from interviewing celebrities including Meryl Streep, Kelly Ripa, Miley Cyrus, Cindy Crawford, Barbara Walters and Mary J. Blige.