Community Leader Shikha Bindra, Vidyard: Purpose to Serve

Community Leader Shikha Bindra, Vidyard: Purpose to Serve

Episode #14: Close Women in Sales Series

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Shikha Bindra is the Manager of Business Development at Vidyard.
Shikha is the General Manager of the Enterprise Sales Forum - Toronto Chapter. She’s been an avid community volunteer at several different organizations working on a range of causes including children, education, and health. Prior to Vidyard, Shikha worked as a Direct Support Professional at the Kitchener Waterloo Habilitation, providing daily emotional, behavioural, and practical support. She graduated from Wilfred Laurier University with a Bachelor of Science, Psychology with Biology Minor.

Episode highlights

  • How Shikha's science education background shapes her view of sales being a process of trial and error
  • How Shikha realized that building trust is about being able to help people, as learned through her experience as a direct support habilitation professional
  • Shikha describes an experience that she was able to prevent from escalating negatively, and shares what she learned about conflict resolution and diffusing tense situations
  • Selling with a purpose: Shikha's message and kudos to all the BDRs out there showing up each day for the grind!