Sales Brief: Zoom success, the future of sales coaching, emoji stats, & more

Sales Brief: Zoom success, the future of sales coaching, emoji stats, & more

Ready for your weekly Sales Brief? Let's take a look at some awesome sales articles from around the web.

In today's Sales Brief we cover a variety of articles including the smartest way to approach content marketing, sales compensation plans that'll motivate your team, Zoom's rocketing success, and much more.

Also this week we're excited to announce the launch of our new Close Partner Program. Want to get other people on board with Close? We're offering 20% commission on every new customer you bring our way.

Don't "create" content — "produce" it


Content marketing can be a powerful tool to attract and drive potential customers to your business. If you're one of the 99 out of 100 startups that don't have "Scrooge-McDuck-levels" of cash ready to burn, it's a relatively cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising.

With that said, so many companies approach content marketing wrong: they treat it as an expense rather than an investment. They want to "create" content rather than "produce" it. Not seeing a clear difference? This fantastic article reveals the smartest way to do content marketing.


A sales compensation plan that will inspire and reward reps


We can all agree that payday is the best day...unless your sales compensation plan is a wreck. The ultimate goal is to strike the perfect balance: offer a competitive rate that'll motivate your sales team to perform at the top of their game, but also a rate that's conservative enough to be sustainable for your business longterm.

In this G2 article, they lay out a variety of compensation plans you can choose, the pros and cons of each, and how to choose the right type for your business.


What the future of sales coaching looks like (SaaS specific)

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According to CEB research, sales people who receive sales coaching typically exceed their quota and increase their average close rate by 70%. That's insane.

But in today's SaaS landscape, Sales is becoming even more challenging. Prospects have the tools needed to make decisions on their own - they don't necessarily need to be sold. So where do salespeople and sales coaching fit into this?

The key is technology.


How Zoom became the best web conferencing product in a decade

zoom-logo copy

Do you use Zoom? We use Zoom. Zoom has quickly become the go-to video conferencing platform for startups. And for good reason: their product offering is useful and it just works.

So how did Zoom break into the crowded and established market that is video conferencing? Steli and Hiten discuss their thoughts on the company and what we can learn from Zoom's success.


30 emoji statistics for businesses


Emojis are universal. There's something about a simple picture that can speak a thousand words. We all use emojis in our everyday lives - amongst friends and on social media - but how appropriate are emojis in a business setting?

Zoominfo put out a fun article exploring the effects emojis have on credibility, likability, and communication in the workplace. The results may surprise you.


How to run a successful inside sales onboarding effort (step by step)


A strong inside sales onboarding program is one of the best things you can develop for your company. Not only will it benefit your team, but it also benefits your prospects, customers and you!

This article outlines step-by-step what to include in a proper inside sales onboarding program, including some awesome strategies that can turn a person with zero sales experience into a sales expert.


New! The Close Partner Program


This week we launched something awesome: The Close Partner Program. For the very first time, we’re opening up the opportunity to promote the best freakin’ CRM for startups and SMBs...AND get paid for it. And we're not talking a one-time payout: We're offering 20% recurring commission on every new paying customer you send our way. Basically, if the customer is lifelong, you get paid forever.

The program isn't just limited to Close customers — whether you're a sales consultancy, affiliate marketer, a startup influencer, or just know some people that could really benefit from using Close, we want to partner with you!

We recently launched an early access beta of the program, so you're just in time! Want to learn more?


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