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Automate your sales workflows with a dozen updated Zapier Actions & Triggers for Close

Automate your sales workflows with a dozen updated Zapier Actions & Triggers for Close

We're excited to announce that we've updated a dozen Triggers and Actions in our Close Zapier integration, and we'll cover the cost of a Zapier "For Work" subscription for a full year when you upgrade to an annual Close subscription.

At Close, we believe that salespeople should never have to do manual data entry. Their primary role is to grow revenue through selling, not spending their day tracking and tagging things in your CRM. At the same time, it’s equally important for a sales team to have systems in place to help track sales activities and attributes about their prospects in order to build a scalable and repeatable sales process.

Unfortunately, those two priorities often conflict with one another. We all try to balance data collection around our sales team without burdening our salespeople with additional tasks. In addition, the number of applications and platforms a sales team uses on a daily basis is growing rapidly.

It’s critical that these systems communicate with each other. We believe that Zapier is a platform that makes it possible to accomplish this in an infinite number of ways.

In fact, over 500 Close customers, including us, use Zapier to automate their sales processes by “zapping” data between Close and other platforms. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s how Roland Ligtenberg from HouseCall Pro uses our Zapier integration to make him and his team’s lives easier:

“The Close Zapier integration gives me a ton of flexibility when automating certain sales processes. I can send data to or from Close for literally any activity that my team does on the platform. It’s pure magic."

- Roland Ligtenberg - Founder, HouseCall Pro

Updates to our Close Zapier integration

We’re excited to announce that we’ve updated a dozen Triggers and Actions in our Close Zapier integration:

  • New SMS
  • New Email
  • Run Activity Report
  • New Opportunity Status Change
  • New Note
  • Update Opportunity
  • Update Task
  • Update Note
  • Update Contact
  • Update Call
  • Merge Two Leads
  • Delete Logged Call

Here are the top 5 zaps Close customers use:

Switch to a Close annual subscription and get Zapier free for a year

Because of our powerful Zapier integration, it’s common for new Close customers to also become new Zapier customers at the same time. To help make that process even easier, we’ll cover the cost of a Zapier “For Work” plan for a year when you upgrade to a Close annual subscription.

Like most things in life, this offer is only available to qualified customers:

  • There must be at least one Professional or Business user in your Close subscription.
  • Only available to new and approved Zapier customers only.
  • Subject to Zapier’s approval according to their Terms & Conditions.

We should also mention that annual Close subscriptions include a 10% discount.

To learn more about this offer, contact your Close Success Manager directly. If you’re not sure who your Success Manager is, please contact our Support team. You can learn more about Zapier’s plan and pricing here.

Automate lead assignment in Close with Zapier

At Close, we randomly assign new 14-day free trial sign ups (you can sign up here) to someone on our sales team. We use Zapier to look for new free trial sign ups in Close, randomly pick a sales rep, and then update a “Sales Rep” custom field on the Lead in Close.

Then each sales rep has a Smart View that shows them all of their assigned Leads. This is a common practice for most sales teams. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set it up.

Push daily Close Activity Reports to Slack with Zapier


It’s important to keep a pulse on your sales team’s performance. Instead of remembering to check Close every day, you can just send an Activity Report to Slack at the end of each day.

Using the “Create Activity Report” Action in Zapier, here’s how to send a customized Close Activity Report to a Slack channel in just a few steps.

Integrate your email automation using Zapier

We have several email automation providers that have created a native integration with Close.  However, if these options don’t meet your needs, you can connect Close to another email automation provider using Zapier.

Here’s a guide on how to set up email automation with Close and Woodpecker using Zapier:

Avoid duplicate Leads in Close with Zapier

If you’re not careful, duplicate Leads can create quite a mess. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to automatically dedupe leads coming into Close.

Need more help? Connect with your dedicated Close Success Manager

We commit a lot of the company’s resources to our Success and Support teams in order to help our customers succeed in sales. We don’t think of ourselves as just a CRM or sales communication platform. It’s our responsibility to help our customers streamline their sales process and workflow within Close.

Our Success and Support teams are standing by to help you get the most out of Close and our Zapier integration.

To get help, reach out to your Customer Success Manager directly or contact Support.

Shout out to Eric, Liz, Kevin, and Craig from the Close team for putting in the hard work on making this announcement happen. 🙌