Introducing Call Automation in Close

Introducing Call Automation in Close

After months of hard work from our Product team, several design iterations, and countless rounds of feedback from our amazing customers, we’re proud to announce the Close Power Dialer.

In short, the Power Dialer enables you to call through a list of leads faster than ever before. It does this by providing a “Call Next Lead” button and automatically moving sales reps on to the next lead until a call is answered.

The Power Dialer is now available as a public beta for all customers on Professional or Business plans with U.S. or Canadian phone numbers.

Call automation built inside the CRM

The magic of the Power Dialer is that it’s built directly inside of Close, using the same workflow customers know and love. In a single click, the Power Dialer will automatically start calling through any saved Smart View in the order Leads appear.

In Close, a Smart View is a saved search query that contains a list of Leads. Customers create Smart Views to identify Leads that match specific attributes and/or sales activity.

Smart Views are not unique to other CRMs, it’s just our way of building dynamic lead lists. The difference is that you can take action on those lists in the same view without switching windows or applications.

MakeSpace increased outbound call volume by 60%

“After moving our team to Close’s built-in Power Dialer, we saw a 60% increase in outbound call volume and 28% increase in outbound call duration.”

- Sarah Haselkorn, Sales Operations Manager at MakeSpace

A few months ago, we gave the MakeSpace inside sales team access to the closed beta of the Power Dialer, and the results speak for themselves. Sarah Haselkorn, MakeSpace’s Sales Operation Manager, reported a whopping 60% increase in outbound call volume and 28% increase in outbound call duration just after 3 weeks of use.

Start a Power Dialer session in one click

To start a Power Dialer session, go to any saved Smart View and you'll see a button at the top right that says "Call":

Once you click "Call", the Power Dialer will begin a session and start dialing the first Lead in the list. It will make calls in the same order the Leads are listed in the Smart View.

As new Leads enter the Smart View, they will automatically be added into the order that your Smart View specifies. For example: if your Smart View contains the query sort:-created, any new leads will be added into the position it would appear in the Smart View's list of Leads.

Managing a Power Dialer session

Once the Power Dialer starts calling the first Lead, you'll see the Lead being called and the current state of the call:

Once a call connects, the call note box is available for you to type notes and carry on with a call as you normally would. Once you complete the call, the Power Dialer will see if you're still typing notes or updating anything on the Lead, and will remain paused until you finish:

Once you're done typing, you can still pause the Power Dialer session by clicking the pause button. You can update the Lead Status, add/edit Opportunities or Tasks, and then resume the Power Dialer by clicking "Call next lead" at the top right.

Resuming an existing Power Dialer session

As you go through your day, other tasks will grab your attention.

With the Power Dialer, you’ll never have to remember where you left off. We built the Power Dialer to make pausing and resuming your Power Dialer session as simple as possible.

When you pause a Power Dialer session, the Call Bar will remain on the screen as you navigate through different parts of Close. You can remove the Call Bar any time by clicking the "X" that appears on the left of the "Call next lead" button on the right.

To resume a Power Dialer session, navigate to the Smart View and click on the Call button. That will resume the existing Power Dialer session by default. You can also click the down arrow next to the Call button and select "Resume” or "Reset & call again":

Getting started and frequently asked questions

The Power Dialer is now available as a public beta for all customers on Professional or Business plans and free trials with U.S. or Canadian phone numbers.

To learn more about how the Power Dialer works, you can read this article in our Support Center.

If you’re new to Close and want to try the Power Dialer, start a 14-day free trial here:

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Shout out to Phil, Lukáš, Craig D, and Thomas for their hard work on making the Power Dialer happen. 💪