Zoom CRM integration: The best way to connect

Zoom CRM integration: The best way to connect

Sales negotiations are increasingly taking place via video calls, but until recently the process for a Zoom CRM sync was cumbersome at best. If you’re using video to close deals, here’s the most effective way to do it.

At Close, we use our CRM in every department, each with its own use case for the platform. One thing that never changes though: everyone on the team needs the ability to see ALL communications with our customers and prospects.

Close has always automatically synced your emails, calls and texts to leads to give teams the context they need. The only problem? Our company also uses Zoom to hold video calls with prospects and customers.

Records of those video calls were automatically logged in Close, but it’s not enough to simply know that a video call took place. We needed to actually see what happened on that call. So we created a powerful native Zoom CRM integration.

Why use a Zoom CRM integration?

With Close’s Zoom CRM integration, you can prepare for, and launch, your Zoom meetings armed with the right info to crush the call. You're able to get unprecedented context on your leads during the call, as well as playback EVERY interaction you’ve had with prospects and customers. It’s tough to remember details from a meeting you had weeks ago. Synced recordings let you get a refresher before you send that follow-up.

If you haven’t already integrated video calling into your sales process, you’re falling behind. Research from our friends at Gong showed that won deals involved webcams being used 41% more often than lost deals. In other words, a Zoom CRM sync will help you win more deals.

Zoom + CRM = Close

Connecting our CRM to Zoom does three main things:

  1. Syncs all of your past and upcoming Zoom meetings into Close and attaches them to your Lead records as an activity
  2. Notifies you of upcoming meetings and lets you join the meeting and visit the appropriate lead record in just one click
  3. Logs recordings of your Zoom meetings and attaches them automatically to the Lead record for future playback inside of Close

As soon as you connect your Zoom account to Close, all of your past and upcoming Zoom meetings are automatically synced into the CRM. This enriched data on the Lead record can help improve your follow ups with prospects and customers.

You’ll also be notified 5 minutes ahead of all upcoming Zoom meetings while you’re working in Close. Clicking the “Join Meeting” button will automatically start the Zoom call and take you to that Lead page, so that you can get the context you need before and during the call.

Pro tip: Enable the Waiting Room feature in Zoom so that you can join the meeting 5 minutes early from within Close. Then, spend the next few minutes refreshing yourself on that prospect or customer without worrying about them popping into the call while you’re going over call notes and emails.

Once your meeting is finished, a recording of the call will automatically be synced to Close if you have the Cloud Recordings feature enabled in Zoom. From there, you can easily share it with colleagues, make notes about the call or come back to it at a later date when you’re following up.

Potential Zoom CRM use cases

Build and manage more pipeline

Zoom allows you to create a face-to-face connection with your prospects and customers, no matter where they are in the world. As a sales rep, you’ll be able to save time and manage more pipeline by using Zoom within the CRM.

Sales coaching and onboarding

Sales leaders can easily review the video calls from the most important leads, enabling them to take sales training and improvement to the next level. Got a rockstar sales rep that you wish the rest of your team would emulate? Have your team spend an hour every week watching her video recordings. Then go through their Zoom recordings later to see how the lessons were applied.

Having past Zoom video calls directly synced in Close can also speed up your employee onboarding process. Create a list of video recordings that showcase the do's and don’ts of selling your product. Then, instruct new sales hires to go through them. New sales reps can learn from watching the recordings AND have the context from all of the past communication that Close synced to the prospect’s lead page.

Customer Success, Support & Product

Anytime you call a customer, they’re bound to bring up information that would be helpful for another individual or team within your company. Whether it’s product feedback on a support call or technical issues during a call about contract renewals, using a Zoom CRM integration allows your team to effortlessly share vital information with your colleagues. Simply share a link to that lead with the appropriate teammate or create a new Task for them in Close and instruct them to watch it.

Pro tip: Got a long video recording to get through? Try listening to it sped up by adding a video speed extension to your browser.

Continue to sell remotely

For distributed teams that sell remotely, a Zoom CRM combo is a powerful sales weapon.

By integrating your CRM with Zoom, you can replace in-person meetings with virtual meetings. Keep your schedule full, keep your prospects happy, and keep winning more deals.

Pro tip: Need to send a copy of the video recording to the customer you just spoke with? Right click the download icon on the video player and click “Copy Link Address”. Paste that in an email and send away!

Advanced Automations

The fortune is in the follow-up. Using Close's Smart Views, you can set up advanced filters that make follow-up effortless. Here are a few sample Smart View filters that you can use to improve your sales process.

Zoom Meeting Within the Last 7 Days

This Smart view is a helpful way to keep track of your past Zoom meetings. Feel free to update the date filter as needed for your sales process.

To use this Smart View in Close, copy and paste the following search filter into the Search bar:

meeting(status:completed location:"zoom.us") last_completed_meeting_starts_at < "7 days ago"

zoom meetings last 7 days

Zoom Meeting Within the Last 7 Days But No Communication Received Since

Waiting on a call or email from prospects after your last Zoom meeting? This Smart View will show you leads that you’ve had a Zoom meeting with but that have not contacted you by email, phone or SMS within the last 7 days.

To use this Smart View in Close, copy and paste the following search filter into the Search bar:

meeting(status:completed location:"zoom.us") last_completed_meeting_starts_at < "7 days ago" and (last_email_direction:Received email_date or latest_sms_direction:Incoming sms_date < "7 days ago" or latest_call_direction:Inbound call_date < "7 days ago")

zoom meetings last 7 days no communication recieved

No Zoom Call Ever With a Lead

If scheduling Zoom meetings with your prospects is a priority, this Smart View will show you all leads that you haven’t had one with.

To use this Smart View in Close, copy and paste the following search filter into the Search bar:

not meeting(status:completed location:"zoom.us")

no zoom meetings ever

Zoom Meetings This Week

Need to get in touch with customers ahead of your Zoom meeting with them? This Smart View will show you all of your upcoming Zoom meetings for the week.

To use this Smart View in Close, copy and paste the following search filter into the Search bar:

meeting(status:upcoming location:"zoom.us") next_upcoming_meeting_starts_at:"this week"

upcoming zoom meetings this week

Send an Email Template After Every Zoom Meeting

Do you have to send the same email template every time you finish a Zoom call? You can use automation rules in Zapier to trigger that email after the meeting finishes.

In Zapier, create a new Zap and select Close as the app and “New Meeting” as the trigger event. Connect to your Close account and under the “Customize Meeting” tab select “Completed” in the Actions dropdown.

New meeting in Close

After testing that step, use a Zapier filter to only continue if “Location” + “(Text) Contains” + “zoom.us”

only continue if

Select Close as the next step in your Zap and select “Create Email” under the “Choose Action Event” dropdown.

Connect to your Close account and under the “Customize Email” tab input the following settings:

Lead: “Lead Display Name” (from step 1)

Contact: “Lead Contact Name” (from step 1)

Status: “Scheduled”

Date Scheduled: “Date Updated” (from step 1) +30m

To: “Attendees Email” (from step 1)

Template: select the email template from Close that you’d like to send

Follow-Up Date: “Date Updated” (from step 1) + 3d

create email in Close

This Zapier automation will automatically send all of your Zoom meeting attendees an email template 30 minutes after the call finished. It will also create a follow-up reminder in Close 3 days later if they don’t reply to that email.

Connecting Zoom + Close

Close users can connect our CRM with Zoom in a few simple steps:

Approve Close in the Zoom Admin

In order to install the Zoom app to Close, a Zoom account admin will need to pre-approve Close in the Zoom Marketplace.

  1. Sign in to Zoom.
  2. Find the Close listing in the Zoom Marketplace.
  3. Click the toggle to pre-approve Close.

For more details, visit the Zoom help page on pre-approval.

Under Settings > Integrations > Connected Accounts, press "Add Account" and select Zoom to sync Cloud Recordings of scheduled calls.

Complete the sign-in process in Zoom, and once the account is synced, it should appear on the list with the rest of your Connected Accounts as shown below.


Once this is set, you can review your recorded Zoom calls from right within the Lead Page! For more information, visit our Help Center.

System Requirements

In order to connect our CRM with Zoom you will need the following:

Zoom CRM Integration: The power team that closes more deals

If you weren’t doing video calls before, now is the time to start. Not just because it’s a good idea: but because our Zoom CRM integration makes it easier than ever.

Integrating Zoom with your CRM will help you get more value out of your sales calls now, and build a better foundation for the future of selling.

Start by signing up for your free 14 day trial of Close!