Sales Brief: Cold calling revival, sales battle cards, social selling gone wrong, & more

Sales Brief: Cold calling revival, sales battle cards, social selling gone wrong, & more

We have lot's of interesting topics to discuss from the world of sales this week: sales cadence, battle cards, social selling, and much more.

This week's Sales Brief will equip you to accelerate your sales productivity, inspire you to pick up the phone and start cold calling, and prep you to ace that next product demo.

Also in this week's roundup, we feature a very educational piece from Reforge on the topic of monetization vs growth — the current state of acquisition costs, the opportunities in monetization, and how to balance it with retention and acquisition.

One quick thing...

This week we launched a new free resource bundle: The Sales Enablement Toolkit. We partnered with Predictable Revenue and designed 8 customizable templates that'll help you kick your sales enablement strategy into overdrive!

The kit features everything you need to sell consistently and effectively: sales scripts, email templates, sales battle cards, comparison charts, and much more. Grab it free right now!

Now let's get into your weekly Sales Brief...

Monetization vs Growth? It's a False Choice


The golden era of digital acquisition is over. Acquisition costs have skyrocketed due to limited channels, increased competition, and disappearing data tailwinds. Monetization is now more important than ever, but there's a false belief that monetization comes at the expense of growth.

While most companies are investing massive amounts of resources, energy, and effort on acquisition and retention, Reforge makes the case that monetization should be your prime focus.


This SaaS sales coach explains the 20% of work that produces 80% of results for sales teams


If you're not hitting your numbers (even after trying to optimize literally everything), it's time to hone in on the 20% of work that'll yield 80% of results.

So what is this elusive 20%? David Sanders from the Sales Coaching Institute shares the answer: Sales cadence. This article covers how to properly evaluate your sales cadence and use the data to drive decisions, from training your reps to forecasting accurate numbers.


Cold Calling is NOT Dead — 5 Reasons to Pick Up The Phone.


Cold calling is dead. Or is it? The more salespeople that believe this sentiment, the more advantage you may actually have picking up the phone and dialing.

This post covers 5 reasons you should be using cold calling to drive sales, plus 6 actionable tips on how to fine-tune your cold calling skills. Do what other people are afraid to do and beat them to the sale with cold calling!


The quick guide to creating competitive sales battle cards


Today, your prospects have all the information at their fingertips. Buyers are no longer looking to salespeople to help them identify their needs — they know your product. They know your competitors. They're looking to evaluate their options.

So in order to effectively persuade your audience, you need to be armed with the right information. A sales battle card is the perfect way to ensure you're fully prepped and ready to answer any and every question a prospect will throw your way.

Want to create your own battle card? We created a template specifically designed with the most crucial components needed for an effective sales call. Download it free!


One Feature Framework: How to Sell Your SaaS Product During The Demo


You've scheduled a demo. You're excited about your product. The meeting has started and you blaze through all of your exciting product features. Unfortunately, this usually isn't enough to get over the finish line. Let's face it, all companies have cool product features to showcase.

Demodesk outlines a process they coined 'One Feature Framework'. It's a demo strategy where you concentrate on one main product feature and tie it to your prospect's business challenge. This is a unique approach and definitely something to test out in your next SaaS demo.


Why Social Selling is Killing Your LinkedIn Strategy (How to Transition to a Strategy That Works)


LinkedIn has over 660 million members. It's ripe with opportunity to target leads and connect with prospects. But social selling is somewhat of an artform and needs to be done with care. Most salespeople miss the mark.

That's where "intentional digital presence" comes in: the act of generating impact through meaningful dialogue with buyers, via content that people actually want to engage with. It's about building authentic relationships.

Want to elevate your social-selling strategy? Saleshacker explains step-by-step how to execute it.


Sales enablement is all the buzz right now, but executing an effective sales enablement strategy isn’t a walk in the park. That's why we created a free kit that'll take your sales enablement efforts from 0-60.