Explorer improvements

Explorer improvements

Ever since we introduced the Explorer's beta, we've been gathering a lot of feedback from the community. The vast majority of you enjoyed it and found it insightful, but you also pointed out some errors. We're happy to announce that we've rolled out several upgrades to our customizable reporting engine over the past few weeks and we're officially dropping the "beta" sign!

On top of the bug fixes which we'll list in the next paragraph, there's one relevant improvement that will be especially beneficial if you're a part of a large team, you have a ton of email templates, or you have custom fields that contain a lot of values. Larger bar charts are now equipped with a horizontal scrollbar and let you digest the data in a more readable fashion:


There were some minor and major issues with the Explorer, too. Here's the list of problems we fixed:

  • Proper formatting of the Y axis (in some cases, money values were off by a factor of 100)
  • Allow objects to be grouped by custom fields of type "Choices" if the number of options doesn't exceed 30
  • Bug where some of the data in your organization would appear to have been created in the future
  • Bug where the date labels on the X axis were incorrectly displayed
  • Bug where drilling down into a multi-series bar chart (e.g. calls by duration by user) would cause an error
  • Bug where search queries generated when you click "Show leads" would be wrong
  • Bug where switching between organizations would break the explorer and permanently show a "loading" sign
  • Bug where applying an "Opened Emails" filter would always return no results
  • Better tooltip formatting for line charts with a date X axis
  • Other miscellaneous rendering improvements

Hope you'll enjoy using the improved version of the Explorer!