Feature: Manually log calls

Feature: Manually log calls

One of the best parts of Close is letting you make calls with one-click through our built in VoIP system and those calls are logged automatically for your team to see. However, we know that sometimes you end up making calls outside of Close. Whether it's logging a webinar or a call you made from your cell phone or desk phone, Close now also lets you manually log calls.

Calls logged manually are treated like any other call, plus you can manually enter which contact (and their phone number) that you talked with, as well as optionally entering the duration of the call. The manually logged calls also count toward your stats in all reporting.

Next to the call button on a lead (when you have a contact saved with a phone number), there's now a little dropdown with a "Log a call" option.


Clicking "Log a call" gives you a box to type any notes about the call, as well as choosing the contact and entering a duration.


Hovering over the duration of a manually logged call will show a special tooltip message to let you know the call was made outside of Close.


Additionally, if you prefer to use the web browser version of Close rather than our Mac/Windows desktop apps, this feature will help.

We redesigned the modal window you see when trying to click Call from a web browser. The "Open tel link" button now not only opens an external application (like Skype) but also trigger the new "Log a call" button for you!