Get your startup hustle on!

Get your startup hustle on!

Someone recently asked us "How should a startup hustler hustle?"

We thought we would put together some resources to help you get your startup hustle on!

Watch this interview: Close: A Founder With Two Businesses Teaches Hustle – with Steli Efti

Watch this talk on the art of the startup hustle:

Then there's our 30 day startup sales success email course (you can get it free).More basics:

You'll want to create your own scripts, templates and processes:

Set up drip emails:

You'll need to learn to manage objections:

Hack negotation:

Master cold calling 2.0:

You'll need to master enterprise sales:

You'll need to get really good at managing your own psychology:

And you need to effing keep following up:

So there you have it. All the tools you need to get your startup hustle on. Now go get'em!