4 Proven Inside Sales Techniques To Increase Close Rates

4 Proven Inside Sales Techniques To Increase Close Rates

You don’t need to have the best product. You don’t need to have the lowest prices. To crush the sales world, all you need to do is to hustle and sell better.

This is no time for trial or error; this is a time to sell and do more with your leads.

As a salesperson, you need to hit your goals. You want to climb the leaderboard and get the commission you worked hard to earn.

The good news is there are techniques to increase your close rate. And in this post, we’re going to unpack four different inside sales techniques you should be considering today.

Let’s jump in...

1. Always follow up with your leads

Following up on leads is a tricky process.

My philosophy is that I follow up as many times as needed until I get an answer. I don’t care what the response is, as long as I get one. And if somebody tells me they need two weeks, I will set a reminder to follow up using our sales CRM.

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Follow up reminders are an easy way to ensure you respond with a lead on a specific day. And sometimes when you follow-up can be the difference between closing a deal and letting it fall through the cracks. Timing is crucial, and setting reminders will keep you in check.


2. Hire a better sales leader

This might sound harsh, but the truth is this: You need more sales.

If your current sales leader isn’t doing the job, use our free sales job description templates and go back to the start line with your brand’s sales leader.

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You’ll need a sales leader who can manage sales managers/directors. Somebody with a track record of doing things big (e.g., VP of Sales) and who is at a place you want to be in a few years, with their current company.

To get this person, you need a good chunk of cash and equity to throw at them—that’s why it’s a vital hire and one that you should take seriously.

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3. Utilize SMS to nurture your leads

We’ve seen SMS become known as one of the most popular forms of communication used across the globe.

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And in the world of business, it is becoming a much more popular form of communication.

Roland Ligtenberg and his team at Housecall Pro have been using SMS as part of their sales process. We had their team take part in a closed SMS beta test to provide direct feedback about our product that we depend on.

Given that SMS is available to all, we asked Roland to share his thoughts on SMS in a sales process. Here were his thoughts:

Because we sell to small businesses (1-20 employees), SMS is a critical medium we use to communicate with them. The easiest way to increase your sales conversions across the funnel from education > sale is to communicate in the medium your customer uses frequently and is most responsive to.

It’s obvious that SMS is essential and needs to be a part of today’s sales communication.

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4. Increase your outreach productivity

Sales isn’t easy.

It can be challenging to get things done on time. It requires attention. Your sales team is trying to get every ounce of productivity out of their day. One way to increase your ability to close is to increase your productivity.

Our Power Dialer allows users to start a session on any Smart View in just one-click, then sit back and wait for a connect or work on your daily sales tasks, while you wait for the next lead to answer.


The Power Dialer also allows you to see who is being called in real-time. That means no silence because you’re already on the call.

Another CRM feature is our built-in Predictive Dialer.


Close’s predictive dialer is a call automation software that enables teams to dial multiple numbers at once, where the technology behind the dialer notices when a person answers the phone, and immediately routes a sales rep to that call.

Want to stay ahead in the sales race? Our article on sales productivity tools is your roadmap to success.

Closing thoughts

While the tips I’ve discussed should get you moving in the right path, you should always be looking for ways to boost your close rates.

It might take more time and effort, but if you want more cash flowing in and better close rates, you’ve got to put in the work.

If you want to know more, why not try Close for free? You’ll get to use the full features of our CRM for 14 days free.