Integration: HeyUpdate helps your team stay up-to-date

Integration: HeyUpdate helps your team stay up-to-date

This post is part of a new series featuring 3rd-party products & services that integrate directly with Close. Want to build a Close integration into your own app? Check out our API.

HeyUpdate is a tool to keep your team in sync. It does this by gathering activity from the services you already use and asks team members to write short updates each day to add extra context. A simple but effective method that helps teams get things done.

We're happy to announce it also now integrates with Close!

With the Close integration your team’s sales activity will be shown in the daily summary on HeyUpdate. The automated nature of the activity stream compliments the written updates, which allow extra context to be added.


“If you’re like us then you probably don’t just do sales or engineering or design, but instead wear many hats and use many different services. The integration makes it easy to get a quick overview of what your team has been doing. Close is a fantastic tool for sales and our customers love it.” says Maria Graham, CEO of HeyUpdate.

Check it out!