Make Close work with your favorite apps [webinar]

Make Close work with your favorite apps [webinar]

Learn how to save time and get the most out of Close with Zapier.

UPDATE: The webinar took place already. Click here to watch the recorded webinar + accompanying materials here.

You're invited to join the Close <-> Zapier webinar!

Our sales software helps you to manage your pipeline more effectively and close more deals.

But what if you need that data to play nicely with other apps you use?

Enter Zapier, which can help you bridge the gap between Close data and other apps you use.

Alison Groves from Zapier and Kevin Ramani, our Director of Business Development, will give a webinar on how to connect Close with your favorite software tools.

Join us Wednesday, April 15 at 5pm GMT / 1pm EST / 10am PST.

Can't make it? Sign up anyway and we'll send you a recording as soon as we can.


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