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March product improvements

March product improvements

Our engineering team is hard at work on a big project that we look forward to showing off. But in the meantime, we also took care of a few miscellaneous product improvements in March.

  • On the Opportunities page, "won" and "lost" opportunities now are shown as having a 100% and 0% confidence estimates, respectively, which means that they affect "Expected Value" in a more sensical way. Previously if you wanted this behavior you had to both mark an opportunity with a "won" status as well as manually updating the confidence of the deal. Now, you can simply mark the deal as "won".
  • Since we now offer manual call logging, call-related stats have been exposed to Basic users in the Activity Report.
  • Fixed a bug where the "status" column would show an outdated information after a certain status was deleted and replaced with another status.
  • Explorer: Fixed a bug where drilling into multiple layers of a bar chart would throw an error.
  • Explorer: Fixed a bug where the PNG image export option wasn't working.
  • Improved the API by making the "type" field optional for contact's email addresses and phone numbers
  • Fixed Importer's errors related to certain file encodings and custom fields containing dots
  • Exporter: Significantly sped up long exports (up to 5x performance boost) and introduced a parameter that lets the API users automate exports w/o getting a confirmation email every time they are done.

And finally, an inspirational sales message while the app is loading!