New book FREE today: Product Demos That Sell

New book FREE today: Product Demos That Sell

Download my latest book on delivering winning SaaS demos free today!

If you're selling or building a SaaS product, you need to become great at demoing your product. Doesn't matter whether you follow the self-serve or the sales-supported SaaS model, you'll need to know how to quickly demonstrate the value your product can provide.


My team and I at ElasticSales have given thousands of product demos for hundreds of venture-backed startups. With Close, we're giving lots of demos every single week. I've shared a lot of the lessons we've learned on giving effective product demos in the past.

Now you can find everything I know about giving product demos in one book. Easy to consume, and always at your fingertips when you need it.

This is the no B.S. guide to presenting software like a pro. We'll cover how to:

  • Ensure prospects actually SHOW UP for your demos
  • Discover why your demos fail to close the deal
  • Effectively differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Custom-tailor your demo to your prospects' needs (with very little time and effort)
  • Double your demo-win rates
  • Deal with questions and objections during the demo
  • Handle product bugs and demo fails like a pro
  • and more...

Giving successful product demos is not rocket science. Anybody can do it—if you've got the right blueprint.

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