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Opportunities now have a contact field

Opportunities now have a contact field

Quick update: Your opportunities in Close can now have an optional "Contact" field, which allows you to link a specific contact (from the company you’re looking at) to an opportunity.

This will allow more detailed tracking and more powerful API integrations, such as a use case of needing to invoice a specific contact whenever you mark an opportunity as status "Won".

Opportunities now have a contact field

A few other improvements to Opportunities have been launched:

  • We now let you to track “Annual” deals in your Opportunities, in addition to just “One-Time” and “Monthly” deals
  • Annual, Monthly, and One-Time deals are split out nicely in your Opportunities view
  • We now keep track of your last-used Opportunity “time period” so that you don’t have to keep selecting “monthly” each time you create a new opportunity, for example.
  • Your “Opportunities” page is now sorted most-recent to least-recent for “won” and “lost” opportunities. No more continual scrolling to see your latest closed deals.