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How to achieve optimal sales and support alignment (with Help Scout and Predictable Revenue)

How to achieve optimal sales and support alignment (with Help Scout and Predictable Revenue)

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Here's the recording of today's webinar about how to achieve optimal sales and support alignment, with Help Scout's Tim Thyne, Predictable Revenue's Collin Stewart, and Steli.

In this webinar, we're hearing from Tim, Collin and Steli about their most effective strategies for  creating better collaboration and cross-functionality between sales and support teams.

If you're selling a B2B product or service, and are looking for effective ways to make sure your sales and support teams work more effectively together (and lead to creative new ideas, tactics & learnings), then this webinar is a must watch.

Tune in to watch a full recording of the webinar right here:

A big thanks again to our awesome co-hosts on today's webinar!

Tim is the Head of Sales and Partnerships at Help Scout, the simple customer service software that makes delivering excellent customer service an achievable feat for companies of all sizes—empowering more than 8,000 companies like Trello, Basecamp, Grubhub, Ugmonk and more to keep in personal touch with each of their customers.

Collin is the CEO of Predictable Revenue, which was originally founded by Aaron Ross, of the award-winning bestselling book Predictable Revenue. At Predictable Revenue, Collin and his team teach companies how to double, triple or more—their number of new sales. Their framework helped Salesforce increase revenues by over $100 Million.

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