Are your prospects postponing the purchase? Do this!

Are your prospects postponing the purchase? Do this!

Do you know these prospects that are great fit for your offer, yet they don't buy?

They're engaged during the sales process. There are no insuperable objections in the way of closing the deal. Yet, they postpone their buying decision until next quarter... again and again.

How can you get these people to sign up?

Most sales reps who frequently struggle with prospects delaying decisions have a one-size-fits-all sales pitch, a cookie-cutter value proposition.

Like a tape-recorder, they repeat the same benefits to all of their prospects.

"What's wrong with this prospect", our tape-recorder sales rep wonders, "when I said the same thing to Acme Inc., they signed up right away!"

What he fails to realize is that Acme Inc. wanted to increase revenue, whereas this prospect only cares about saving costs. He should customize his pitch and sell how his prospect wants to buy, not how he feels comfortable selling.

The needs of the prospect, rather than the sales rep's preference, ought to dictate how the pitch is delivered.

If you match your value proposition to the prospect's needs, buying your product/service will become a priority for them. Thus, first find out what their priorities are!

Questions to elicit your prospects' priorities:

  • What's most urgent and important to you right now?
  • What's on top of your mind during this quarter?
  • What are your current priorities?
  • What are the KPIs you need to accomplish?
  • How are you going to accomplish this?
  • What tools/services are you using? Why?

Ask these questions on three levels: on the company level, on the team/department level, and on the individual level.

Customize your pitch so that it fits your prospects' priorities.

Once you know their most important immediate goals, ask yourself:

How can our solution help them to accomplish these things? How can I align the features/functions/benefits of our solution with this prospects' priorities?

If you show the prospect how your solution can support their priorities, then buying from you will become a priority to them.

Once they see your offer as an opportunity to achieve their most important goals/solve their most urgent problems, they'll want to utilize it as quickly as possible. They view your solution not as some nice-to-have extra seasoning anymore, but as a quintessential ingredient.

This changes the dynamic of the interaction. You no longer need to push, pull, coerce, beg and romance the prospect to move the deal forward. No longer are you chasing your prospect, it's now he who's chasing you.

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