Product update: Better sales insights with Smart View filters for Opportunities and Reporting

Product update: Better sales insights with Smart View filters for Opportunities and Reporting

Smart Views are one of our most powerful features. They help you target specific leads based on specific criteria.

If you frequently use the same search query, you can save that query in one click and turn it into a Smart View. By doing so, you have made your workflow even smarter and you’ll be able to reach more leads in a shorter amount of time.

Previously, Smart Views weren’t available on the Opportunities page and in Reporting, they were only available for Explorer. Now, we’ve added the feature to both in order to give you quicker access to the information you need.

Filter Opportunities by Smart View

Before, you only had the option to filter by user, status, and close date range on your Opportunities page.

With the addition of the Smart Views filter, instead of seeing All Leads, you’ll be able to choose a Smart View and then get an overview of what the opportunities look like for that Smart View in particular. This gives you a better idea of how specific leads are behaving and how your pipeline is developing.

A click and a scroll is all it takes to find what you’re looking for.


Now that you’ve learned how to get a better overview of your opportunities based on your Smart Views, let’s move on to reporting.

Filter your sales reports by Smart View

The Activity page previously only allowed you to filter by a user and time period. Now, just like on your Opportunities page, you can choose which Smart View to filter by and see the results for that group of leads instantly.


If you’re a fan of our Status Changes feature in Reporting, you can now choose your Smart View and see how those leads have moved between statuses in a certain time period.

This gives you a better idea of how your leads behave and what that behavior looks like over time. Ultimately, this offers you more insight and helps you move your leads through the pipeline both faster and smarter.

Example: More detailed insights to how your campaign is performing

You want to run a campaign that promotes a new product feature. You’ve determined that CTOs at California-based companies would be the most relevant audience for this feature.

You then create a Smart View that shows all potential leads that fit that criteria using: lead_status:Potential state:CA contact_title:CTO and name it Product Feature Campaign.

Once your Smart View has been saved, you can then share it with other people on your sales team and have them start reaching out to that list of leads.

Go to Reporting in Close and choose Activity Report to see how well your campaign is performing. Simply choose the Smart View named “Product Feature Campaign” from the drop down menu to get an overview of the results.

In your overview you’ll see how many calls and emails have been made, how many on the list have been contacted at any given time, as well as the number of opportunities created, won, and lost.


As campaign activity increases, you can monitor how each lead’s status is changing by choosing the Status Changes report located in Reporting.

Choose your campaign from the drop down menu, then you’ll see a spider graph for each stage of the workflow that helps you visualize the flow of leads from one status to another.


As you create more and more opportunities from this campaign, you can check on their progress using the Opportunities page and filter by your campaign Smart View.

You’ll now see the opportunities your reps created from this campaign, their confidence level for each deal, the value, and the close date—offering you more insight into how the campaign is performing overall.


Or let's say you're offering coaching workshops for retail businesses, and you need a CRM for your coaching company that allows you to better prioritize which region to focus on first. You could use Smart Views to compare the potential deals in different regions, and then have your team focus on those high potential regions first.

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