Restrict Editing on Custom Fields

Restrict Editing on Custom Fields

Last week, we announced the release of Roles & Permissions—a simple way to manage accessibility within Close.

Today, we’re excited to launch another accessibility-related feature: Restrict Editing on Custom Fields.

Let’s say you’ve created a Custom Field called Lead Owner, which allows you to assign Leads to specific sales reps within your organization. But you don’t necessarily want your reps making themselves—or others—Lead Owners, too.

This is where Restrict Editing comes in

Now you can decide how each Role interacts with the Custom Fields you’ve created. Want to let another Role (e.g. Super Users) edit the Lead Owner field?

Just go to Settings > Customizations > Custom Fields, and click Edit on any Custom Field. At the bottom of the modal, toggle Restrict Editing and select which Roles can edit the Custom Field.

Going forward, all other Roles will be unable to edit that Custom Field.

A few more notes…

  • Admins can edit any Custom Field
  • If the Restrict Editing switch is turned off, the Custom Field will be editable for all Roles
  • If a Custom Field is restricted:
  • Users can’t edit the Custom Field's value on Leads
  • Users can’t add initial values when a Custom Field is empty

As always, our Support and Success teams are here to help with any questions you have. You can contact Support here or contact your Customer Success Manager directly.

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