Sales Brief: Cost of business

Sales Brief: Cost of business

“Steli, does cold calling still work for startups?”

People ask me this question every year—and the answer is always yes.

Today, I want to share the story of a SaaS startup that’s cold calling local businesses to sell their marketing platform. (Fair warning: They switched from Salesforce to Close, and their outbound team is crushing it!)

Go get’em!

Sales activity management: How tracking sales activity can boost your close rates

Your sales team has goals to achieve and a quota to hit. But do you know which sales activities drive those results? With sales activity management, you’ll know exactly which activities are pushing deals to close and driving more revenue for your sales team.

In this article, you'll learn how sales activity management works, why you should be tracking sales activity, and 8 steps to set up structured sales activity management.


Hownd cut CRM costs by 80% in 2 weeks—while saving SMBs during Covid

CRMs have come a long way in 30 years. While most of us have used only a handful (and maybe experimented with a few more), Chief Growth Officer Eric Keosky-Smith from Hownd considers himself a bit of a CRM veteran.

In this exclusive interview, Close sits down with Eric to learn how his SaaS team was able to dramatically cut business costs, increase team satisfaction, and ultimately flourish as a company — all during a super difficult year.


How to build a product launch strategy

An effective product launch strategy can help you generate awareness, build intrigue, and validate your product positioning...but it’s not a linear journey.

The best product launches take into account the product lifecycle—understanding where it fits into the bigger picture, and how to transition through each phase.

In this article, CXL explains how to build a resilient product launch plan that survives a non-linear journey.


A founder's guide to writing well

Of the many skills attributed to successful entrepreneurs — vision, execution, persuasion, perseverance, grit, resilience — effective writing inevitably fails to make the list.

But modeling and stressing the importance of effective writing throughout your organization can impact business execution and outcomes on a broad scale. Here's why!


Here’s why you should avoid calling a meeting 98% of the time (and what to do instead)

Meetings create bureaucratic, slow-moving, slow-thinking organizations. We've all been in that situation: sitting in a meeting thinking, "Why was this meeting called? Why am I in this meeting?"

When a meeting is absolutely necessary, you need to make sure every single participant is getting the most out of it. Learn the Drift framework for planning effective meetings.


Buyer engagement: Delivering the best buyer experience wins

Buyer engagement is all about delivering an interactive, impactful and inspiring experience for buyers — an experience that proves a solution’s business value to multiple buyer stakeholders along the customer journey.

In this data-packed exposé from Showpad, learn why changing buyer behaviors have forced sales teams to adjust their approaches fundamentally over the past year.