Sales Brief: Finders keepers

Sales Brief: Finders keepers

You know my name: I'm Steli Efti. My email isn't hard to find...I'm a rather easy guy to reach.

But what happens when you're trying to hunt down a prospect's contact info with nothing to go off of but a first and last name? It can be a tricky process without the right tools.

That's why I recommend using an email finder. It's an easy (and pretty affordable) way to identify real email addresses without the headaches or guesswork.

This week I published a post sharing my top email finder recommendations. Some of these are paid services, but if an email is all that stands between you and a closed deal, isn't it worth the investment?

Go get’em!

30 best email finders by name (+ how to find professionals online)

Finding authentic email addresses is extremely valuable when it comes to connecting with prospects. However, finding a valid email address to integrate to your outreach process is not as simple as it may seem.

Email finders can be a powerful and affordable solution, and in this article, we cover top 30 available right now.


Transactional selling vs solution selling: How to mix & match strategies

Transactional and solution selling: these two sales models are wildly different from each other, and 10 or 20 years ago you had to choose one or the other based on the type of product you were selling. But now, the lines between transactional and solution selling have started to blur.

Can transactional sellers use some solution selling methods in their process? What are the differences between these two models, and where can they overlap?

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The modern prospecting initiative with Collin Cadmus

Do you feel that your company could be better at prospecting? If so, Collin Cadmus has developed a course to help salespeople approach prospecting in a more sophisticated and effective manner: The Modern Prospecting Initiative.

Modern prospecting success comes from playing the long game, creating awareness, establishing rapport, and aligning on a problem, all before even mentioning a potential solution.


How Sales Transformation Group grew MRR 5x in 1 year using Close

Keeping a 100% remote sales team connected and motivated isn't easy. Here's how one company refined their tech stack and workflow to remove WFH roadblocks.


Whatever it takes in sales

“Do whatever it takes” sounds like a good way to succeed in sales, until you recognize that there are no constraints or guardrails.

As a professional, you should not do “whatever it takes” when that charge would cause you to lie, steal, or harm others — your character and reputation are too precious to trade for money. Here are five better ways to enhance your success without selling your soul.


The buyer intent playbook: How to make the most of intent data

Buyer intent data can help companies identify in-market buyers and collect important insights into the buying process. Plus the data can also help teams establish qualified prospects so they can be quick to engage with prospective buyers.

In this article, G2 covers practical tips on how to integrate buyer intent, interpret the data, and inspire your reps to put it to work.